Income equality? Are you serious? What evidence do you have?
Why would Saudi Arabia be on the list?
Larry Hayden

There were plenty of lines where I wondered if I should keep reading because you are dramatic and hysterical. This right here is where I drew the line, however. I’m not arguing with children or bratty adults. I’m not your mother. I will not suffer your histrionics.

You asked me what evidence I have when I literally cited it in my rebuttal. I cited reputable, established sources for every stat I stated. Did you miss them? Were they too difficult to understand? That’s okay. I bet you didn’t open the links though. I’d wager you’re too afraid to see what awaits. Your American exceptionalism is that fragile, huh?

I can’t relate.

Know this: I do not want or care for your respect or camaraderie. If you offered it to me as a sacrifice, I still wouldn’t accept. You can continue to be a pawn in service of those you foolishly believe are better than you.

I could listen to War Pigs or I could follow my faith. Hmm… Tough choice.