They Took Their Jobs and Their Reduced Water Bills

Imagine losing your job and your savings on your water bill…

The audacity of corporations and businesses never ceases to amaze me.

Take this particular situation in North Carolina. A yarn company has packed up and left — as is customary within a capitalist system — and the residents will have to pick up the slack on water.

WILLIAMSTON, Martin County — The decision by Parkdale Mills to close its yarn manufacturing plant in Williamston this month not only resulted in the loss of nearly 100 jobs, but has resulted in an increase in water rates starting next month for area residents, the town said Thursday.
Worse, even more significant hikes are projected for 2018. in use will mean the brunt of fixed costs will be bore up by remaining area businesses and residents.

Of course, they will…

In the Game of Capitalists, you’re either poor or you die.