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Prolific Idea has moved over to a more social blogging platform, Medium. Our previous blog is archived. New stories and news about what we’re up to will appear here.

What is Prolific Idea?

Prolific Idea believes in harnessing creativity and technology towards innovation. We develop software solutions and applications that aim to improve the lives of individuals and enhance the effectiveness of organizations. Prolific Idea also aims to empower the masses with knowledge about technology and how it can be leveraged for an extraordinary future.

Thus far, Prolific Idea has launched Hivemind. Other apps still in development include: Noia — A social blogging platform inspired by Medium, Twitter, and Github, and Misana — A task tracking and habit building assistant that helps you achieve the goals that make a difference.

Hivemind —

Hivemind is a collaborative ideation and organization tool. One can create workspaces represented as mind maps where people can express their ideas by creating notes, files, documents, images, video and more. Workspace collaborators can create content, comment on content, and visually understand the ideas expressed. There are an infinite number of uses for Hivemind.

Hivemind is useful for teams to arrange their projects, communicate ideas, challenges, and plan meaningfully.

Hivemind is useful for students to organize subjects, course material, notes, and even share it with peers.

Hivemind is useful for planning trips, vacations, events you’re hosting, include your friends and family to keep everyone updated and collaborating on the journey.

Hivemind is useful for keeping track of hobbies and the things you love. Anything from recipes, to music lessons, gardening, and more.

Visit Hivemind at and explore the possibilities.

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