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From 01 July 2017, you are expected to apply GST on sales and report the same, through approved GST Suvidha Providers (GSP). Also, you can claim credit for GST paid to suppliers, provided your claim tallies with their GST filing. To further complicate matters, you need to deposit GST on some advances received and can claim credit for the amount deposited.

If you are covered by a valid License Renewal & Maintenance Agreement (AMC for short), you have already received (or will do so in the next few days), software changes we have made in our software, to record GST at each sale, purchase and advance receipt transaction. As per our AMC terms, this upgrade is provided to you free. You may use the accompanying description to understand the changes and the installation instructions to apply the upgrade.

Please note that implementing the upgrade is not enough.

1. You will need to sign up with a GSP (or their approved ASP) to upload data for GST Reporting and reconciliation.

2. You may want an interface with the GSP (or ASP) to upload data electronically, in a timely and accurate manner.

Some of you may find all this quite overwhelming. To ease the process of transition to GST, we are offering our licensed users who are covered under AMC an optional GST Consulting Package.

So what does Prologic First’s GST Consulting Package include?

1. Overview of GST with respect to our software. What functions are impacted by GST and how.

2. Access to webinars conducted by Prologic First to prepare you for GST. The webinars will be conducted, over the Internet, as per an announced schedule through the week beginning 19 June 2017.

3. Guidance how to prepare data / masters for GST. Largely, this relates to set up of HSN & SAC codes plus capture of customer & supplier GST numbers.

4. Re-configuration of documents that need to display GST related details. Examples — Front Office & F&B invoices, Purchase Journal, etc.

5. Help installing software changes to handle GST. Walk through the features to be familiar. Where a training server is available, encourage test transactions.

6. Revised operational workflows to handle GST. Examples of real life situations that impact GST and how to handle them in our software.

7. Assistance with choice of GSP / ASP. Prologic First is interfacing with a few GSPs / ASPs to start with. More will be added, on user request, progressively. We will share choices with you and will help you contact the approved GSP / ASP.

8. A named consultant through the process of transition to GST. The consultant will be available to you through extended working hours to answer questions and guide you through the transition.

9. Helpdesk services will be available from the day you contract for it through till five working days after GST goes live.

What does Prologic First’s GST Consulting Package not include?

1. Any on-site visits or services. All services will be provided remotely over email, web chat, remote log-in and, if necessary, voice calls.

2. Any data entry services. Prologic First consultants will only guide.

3. Software or services for preparation of GST Reports. Such services are provided by approved GSP / ASP. You will need to contract directly with a GSP/ASP, in consultation with us.

4. GSP or ASP services. Prologic First is not a GSTN approved GSP / ASP.

5. Any implicit or explicit legal warranty relating to GST compliance. While we will provide the tools to make your GST compliance easier, you will be solely responsible for compliance.

How much does it cost?

The GST Consultation Package is available for a nominal fee of Rs 25,000 per user site, plus applicable taxes. The Fee is payable in advance.

Any other cost?

Yes. To …

1. Collect unit data and format it for sharing with a GSP / ASP and

2. Interface with any one of the GSP/ASP with who Prologic First has partnered.

3. Periodically upload GST transactions to the GSP/ASP.

A subscription fee of Rs 500, plus applicable taxes, per month will apply.

Except in the first year, the fee will be payable with the AMC. In the first year, the fee will be payable for the unexpired period of your current AMC, in advance.

How to get started?

You can also fill in your unit name and address in the attached Services Work Order form (download it here) and return, IMMEDIATELY, to with a cover note confirming that you accept the terms of our GST Consulting Package.

You can go through what we have planned in these webinars for you. Click here to read more about it.

Note you won’t be allowed to attend webinar until the service orders is provided to us.

Please also send in your payment no later than 20 June 2017.

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