Meet the middle school teacher who traded textbooks for consulting projects.

Adam Lies taught middle school for eight years — now he manages consulting projects for ProMazo. The experiences are more similar than you might expect.

Video filmed and edited by Jacob Chaurize. Interview by Madison Rossi.

Adam Lies’s true passion is teaching. Growing up he loved helping people learn, whether as an academic tutor or captain of his high school track team. It was when coaching a summer track team for kids that Lies decided he would pursue education as a career; he loved watching the runners grow and improve over time.

“Just to see the look and the expressions on kids faces after competing really well, and actually moving on to the next part of a championship series is always exciting,” Lies said. “Watching the joy from that made me realize: This is something I want to pursue.”

Lies went on to become a top student athlete running track at Indiana State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in education. He worked as an elementary and middle school teacher for eight years before joining ProMazo as the Director for students at the University of Notre Dame.

Managing client engagements for ProMazo allows Lies to continue impacting the lives of students — except now he teaches college students instead of middle schoolers. This job came at a crazy time in his life: Lies and his wife had their first child less than a year after he started.

“I live every day for [my daughter], and I love being able to do things that I know are going to make her proud in the future,” Lies said. “I really think ProMazo has the ability to do that.”

Lies is passionate about teaching students and providing them opportunities. He believes strongly in ProMazo’s mission.

“We can actually help out college students learn some of these skills that they aren’t learning at universities,” Lies said. “For students it’s really a no-brainer: the fact that we’re able to provide opportunities to advance their career before their career begins, or to bring opportunities to them to test drive different careers so they can decide what they want to do.”


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