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2021 — Year of Prom

On behalf of the Prometeus Labs team, we want to wish our community happy New Year!

This year was the one that probably changed the world once and forever. 2020 was sometimes hard, sometimes it was really insane, so you could not believe that it is the world by now we are living in. Thus, Prometeus Labs even while it was working in the innovative field, bringing more and more products to you, that are to reshape the current understandings of how blockchain projects should act and look like. And in the upcoming year we do not plan to stop doing what we are doing.

But it would not be possible without a thankful and trustful community that has supported us all the way long for our innovations and experiments. We want to thank you all, who participated somehow in the fate of our team — sharing our projects in chats, helping to test Memezator, buying and selling $PROM, and many other different things. The most valuable active that we have in Prometeus are you, guys. So let’s finally go to the wishes we have for you!

What can a person wish for 2021? First, it is health and safety, so we wish you not to catch this bloody virus, so be safe with you and your family. Second, as people who work in blockchain, we wish you to see more qualitative projects on the market that will change the Web alongside us, as we try to do it with Ignite. And finally — wealth.

What do we have for you next year?

The only thing we can share for now, that January, as well as all other months will be hot for Prom. We know that we have not made any big updates in December, but a lot of work has been done behind the scenes. Here is some spotlight that you should be waiting for:

  • Promenade product release;
  • Exponent product release;
  • Equilibrium product release;
  • Ignite Major Update;
  • Stoa reborn

and more. Last, but not the least — next year is going to bring significant benefits for $PROM holders. So stay on the line and follow our official media channels:

Official website:
Ignite official:

Prometeus Network is a decentralized ecosystem for trustless and anonymous data exchange.

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