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New Social Token Platform Emerges in Binance Meetup Dubai 2021

Promify, the decentralized social token platform project by Prometeus Labs, was featured at the Binance Dubai Meetup — the first ever Binance conference in the Middle East-North Africa region.

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Founder and CEO of Binance, made his unique appearance on stage to share his vision of Binance’s new $1 billion fund, the Binance Smart Chain, and how Binance supports great projects across the Binance Ecosystem.

Following CZ’s stage was Prometeus Labs, where Won Soh, Chief Strategy Officer of Prometeus, shared Prometeus’ mission, vision, and introduced the highly anticipated social token project — Promify.

Promify is a simple mobile link that enables artists, celebrities, and creators to launch their own personally-branded cryptocurrencies (Community Coins) to strengthen fan engagement and allow their fans early access to exclusive NFTs, merchandise, and events.

Holders of Promify’s Community tokens gain access to meet and engage with their favorite celebrities that were otherwise previously not possible (e.g., access to exclusive NFT drops, group fan meetings, backstage entry to concerts). Celebrities who issue their tokens also benefit by identifying their “Superfans” who purchase their coins and have a vested interest in making their celebrity a success. The result hereof is an exceptionally loyal fan base that is incentivized to share the success of their favorite celebrities.

Promify is a testament that the rising decentralized social token economy is only here to grow — it paves a new way for celebrities to monetize their social presence and their fans to benefit over the same journey.

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See below link and video to learn more!




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