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Prometeus Labs: new vision for new times

Greetings, Prometeus supporters. Quite a lot of times passed since Prometeus was founded in 2018. For the last two years, we have been working on decentralized data exchange-related solutions and created several pretty successful products, such as Stoa and Ignite. But the new times are bringing new challenges. Thus we’ve decided to connect the DeFi landscape with our data exchange infrastructure. From now and forever — PROM is becoming an ecosystem token of all products created by Prometeus Labs.

The Prometeus Labs will concentrate on bridging the DeFi ecosystem with decentralized data exchange solutions.

Prometeus ecosystem

Previously, all products of Prometeus Labs were based on the Prometeus protocol. From now we are changing our approach here, and will concentrate on bringing actual usage for the decentralized products. Please welcome a shortlist of the products created by Prometeus Labs:

Ignite — Decentralized Social Network based on Arweave, Sia Skynet, and Binance Smart Chain. Currently ignite is in the public beta stage. In order to support the changes of the prometeus concept, we are going to integrate with the governance voting engine. This will transmute Ignite to the social network for DAO’s, however, the original functions will remain the same. Ignite always was and will stay the unblockable, censorship-free and immutable social network:

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Prosper — non-custodial cross-chain prediction market. The original concept of Prosper is totally “on the same wave” with the new Prometeus Vision, so we won’t change anything there. Still in beta stage, but growing rapidly:

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Coldstack — world’s first Decentralized Cloud Storage Aggregator. 1Inch for storage such as Filecoin, Sia, or Arweave. It provides users with unified API and AI-based price optimization. ColdStack is based on Polkadot and has its own NFT tokens, which can be issued for any file stored there. MVP stage:

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Promenade — the NFT video Platform. Connecting famous people with their fans. Order a video for a celebration from your favorite artist. Closed beta stage. Website — TBA

Promenade main page

Exponent — decentralized auctions built by Prometeus Labs in cooperation with Near. Currently in the private beta stage. The links for the platform are coming out shortly.

Exponent UI

Stoa — decentralized marketplace for digital goods. To fit Stoa in a new concept, we decided to change the product focus from the private groups, who were using it as a marketplace engine, to scalable marketplace for digital goods. The rebranding of Stoa, as well as the beta version is coming out shortly. The old version will still remain open-sourced and can be used by any group/individuals. You can find a Stoa code in our GitHub.

We’ve mentioned only those products, which are nearing the launch. However, we still got some other teams working in other directions. We will announce new products as soon as they will be nearing the launch date.

Prometeus token

We had quite long discussions within the team about the future of $PROM token, and we all agreed that this should be some sort of product ownership token. However, this way, we will have to issue a separate token for every product of Prometeus labs. We’ve highlighted core points about $PROM which you might be interested in:

  1. Each product will have a separate token: $PROS, $CLS, $EXPT, $PROD, $STOA;
  2. 10% of the Total Token Supply of every product token will be transferred to Prometeus Labs treasury and will be used as an incentive of $PROM holders and urgent needs;
  3. Part of the revenue-generating by Prometeus Labs platforms will be used to buy back $PROM token;
  4. $PROM holders will be eligible to receive part of the revenue of Prometeus Ecosystem products;

Kindly note that this is only a first draft of the $PROM utility, the exact numbers and details will be announced later. The team can change the utility at any time by its own discretion.

Official website:
Trading group:
Ignite official:

Prometeus Network is a decentralized ecosystem for trustless and anonymous data exchange.

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