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Prometeus labs presents Realis — the revolution in blockchain gaming

Greetings, our dear community members! For a while, the Prometeus team has been working on expanding the list of the projects we are incubating, and today we are proud to present to you the perfect addition to our ecosystem — Realis. What makes us think that this project is worth incubating is the growing list of games they have already developed, such as Merge Cats and Crypto Dragons, which are showing constant growth in their player communities (The active users of Merge Cats increased to 20.000 daily, and Crypto Dragons has already surpassed this number, having approximately 28.000 active players a day). They have around 500.000 downloads from Google Play; 350.000 for Merge Cats and 150.000 for Crypto Dragons. In the meantime, Realis continues to develop — their new project, blockchain MOBA game Legends of Listeria, is already in the final stages of development and will be approximately launched to beta at the end of 2021.The Realis team is planning to use extremely unconventional and high-tech solutions to meet their ambitious goals — including their chain solutions and unique NFT model. This whole combination made us at Prometeus think that we must not miss such a project. Realis team, welcome aboard!

About Realis

The Realis team creates mobile games with an open economy based on blockchain architecture. They build an infrastructure that reduces technical barriers and creates a unique on-chain economy without additional complications for their players.

The Realis infrastructure can be used by other teams to create games with a unique in-game economy interconnected with a blockchain and their own token, which opens up many possibilities for game developers. They create simple and intuitive mobile games, where the users own their items and in-game currency. Both in-game items and in-game currency are interacting with the blockchain, through the mobile game and game experience. And their actual goal is to connect the game economy with the real world where users will be fully involved and become full owners of the platform and the games they play. They strive to provide players with the most immersive and enjoyable gaming experience possible.

What’s so new about Realis?

It is pretty evident that the Realis team are not the only developers who work with games on blockchain. But what makes this particular project so special? The answer is actually in 2 things — they are oriented towards both the crypto and non-crypto audience, and at the same time they manage to incorporate high-tech solutions into their games. Let us start with describing the first point: regardless if their games are on blockchain, if a typical user who does not know much about cryptocurrency does not want to interact with it, then he is not obliged too. This is because our blockchain technology is hidden “under the hood”.We would also like to point out that the process of installing Realis games is extremely simple — you are able just to download them from Google Play and actually start enjoying the game, while our closest competitors require an extremely complicated procedure which can become a barrier for non-crypto users. Secondly, we would like to point out the technical side — to make creating and playing blockchain games as easy as possible,the Realis team found a pretty unique way to achieve this goal — you do not need wallets anymore, since the game itself (regarding the upcoming Legends of Listeria) is built on standard centralised technologies, while the whole game economy is based on blockchain and is transparent and easy to see. This solution lowers the entry threshold as much as possible for blockchain gaming and makes it easier than ever before. And last but not the least — NFTs will become a significant part of the gaming economy here at Realis, since plenty of content will become tradable in our own project marketplace (сharacters, in-game items and many more). This will create an absolutely unique use case, where the process of playing is heavily tied to our blockchain economy, while also being incredibly simple to interact with. .

What’s next?

As stated, we are planning to support the Realis team on their way to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry. You can be sure that many interesting things are yet to come, including AMAs and different promotion events. Remember, that you can install their games already (Merge Cats, Crypto Dragons) and start earning their in-game currency — $LIS tokens. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to our social media not to miss a thing, and do not forget to do the same with Realis!

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