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Jul 16 · 10 min read
Contact (dApp) messenger Powered by Promether

Since the initiation of Alpha 1, we have received a lot of positive reassurance that the direction we’ve taken is welcomed, especially in regards to how polished the product already feels considering its early-alpha state. In preparation for Alpha 2, last two months were spent primarily working through a lot of valuable input from our partners and security advisors to bring an even better product to the next alpha stage. In that pursuit, we were able to hit some big milestones - starting from simple UI improvements and reaching all the way to advanced networking features.


Similarly to Alpha 1, the goal of Alpha 2 is to have hackers and security advisors in our close circle vet the application, but this time we’ll also include additional testers to have extra pair of eyes providing input on the overall direction we’ve taken and improvements we’ve made since Alpha 1. The goal is to run some stability and scalability tests, receive UI/UX feedback and test new features on a larger scale, discover hidden bugs, test the underlying network, find potential vulnerabilities, and much more. We hope only to need one more Alpha phase before public Beta, which depends on how well the tests go and how much has to be worked through based on the received input.

Here is an early look into the Alpha 2 versions:

All screenshots are real representations of Contact and taken from the actual application.

As always, we’ll be releasing a lot more screenshots and content of the current build on Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter — so make sure to follow us there! Furthermore, if you have any propositions for improvement or wish to contribute to the development and/or design of Contact, please e-mail contact@promether.com or reach out to @eltonbrauer on Telegram.

Last few months at Promether:

- Employed additional 2 full-time software developers.

- Improved upon the customization element of the application by incorporating additional 200+ modifiable elements in addition to the already existing 500 (themes, backgrounds, booleans, UI mods and scaling, colors, buttons, layouts, fonts, icons, etc.).

- Implemented decentralized file sharing and started working towards file/folder hosting & browsing, as well as multiple client support and communities.

- Made significant progress towards incorporating encrypted SMS/MMS support.

- Further networking and security improvements.

- Created a brand new modular desktop UI (with both Windows and Linux support) and improved upon the Android experience.

- Added many secret (for now) features that will be released in Beta upon further testing and feedback.

Next few months with Contact:

- Hire additional 1–2 programmers and start growing the marketing team.

- Work through Alpha 2 feedback and implement improvements based on input from security advisors.

- Finish merging encrypted SMS/MMS with Contact.

- Work towards iOS and OSX build.

- Finish support for groups and communities.

- Complete file/folder hosting & browsing and finish multiple client support.

- Continue perfecting the networking and security code, fix general bugs, and improve upon all versions of Contact.

- Additional improvements on secret features to be revealed during public beta.

Hiring Update

As indicated in our previous post, we are progressively working and engaging with the academic community and seeking out local talent in Estonia from TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology). We are happy to announce that since the last update, the Promether team has grown by another 2 young, skilled, and enthusiastic programmers, who have taken on full-time development roles in the company. The latest hires have helped us grow our team to a place where we can become more efficient in development, as specific responibilities can be better assigned to corresponding teams responsible for Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, general bugs, design, etc. We have also started seeking out interns from TalTech to grow marketing and PR efforts as we progress towards public Beta. While we continue to always entertain suitable applicants and keep growing the team, Promether is in a much more comfortable spot now to achieve all of its 2019 goals and beyond.

NOTE: If you are a European resident/citizen, have experience with C++/C/Qt/QML, and wish to apply for a developer position at Promether, please send your CV, portfolio of work, and short introduction to elton@promether.com or message @eltonbrauer on Telegram.


To make progress updates more convenient for people, we’ve also decided to collect a series of questions from Telegram that we’ll be including in every Medium post for people who want all information in one place, missed our answers, or don’t want to scroll through hundreds of messages to find them. Feel free to skip this section if you are an active member of our community.

When does this project come out of stealth mode and start giving regular updates on all the building progress?

It all depends on what someone might consider regular for a Promether sized company. Currently, this pace seems to suit our PR needs before the ramp-up (keep in mind, we are not a massive company like Facebook yet, rather a small-to-medium sized start-up), because the entire team is tiredlessly focused on the proirity — design and development of Contact and Promether. It doesn’t make much sense to write weekly blog posts at the moment, because everyone who has dealt with starting businesses knows things don’t happen that fast to provide any meaningful progress posts every week/bi-weekly (and sometimes there is, but we can’t reveal everything mid-development for competitive advantage reasons). After all, software development (especially advanced software that is REALLY good on both the architecture and UI side) takes time, contrary to popular public belief. The blogs would mainly just be “still working on X that we said we’ll be working on last week… also still doing XYZ that we addressed in the previous blog posts, etc”. Now if there is a demand for it from the community (as opposed to a blog post monthly/bymonthly until things ramp up, and addressing ongoing things on Telegram and in PM), we can do that, but it wouldn’t necessarily be most efficient time wise.

We also don’t want to reveal too much at the moment, as marketing needs to happen at the right time and strategically. I don’t want to go too much in detail about lead generation and customer conversion/acquisition strategies, but it makes more sense to time everything in conjuction with Contact being a desired product and being able to offer it in different packages to businesses and consumers. Turning leads “hot” right now only for them to wait until everything is released will just turn them “cold” (excuse my marketing terminology) again, and we’ll have to spend all efforts to re-engage them again. Therefore, timing and strategy is important in that regard.

CONCLUSION: We aim to launch Alpha 2 this month (which is the second round of vulnerability testing and user feedback from our security team/advisors and strategic partners), then initiate a crunch time over the summer where the team will work through everything, add additional features, and aim to make the product usable for the public and private sector. Then, hopefully transition into some form of public beta in October (if everything goes according to plan). During the lead-up to public release, we’ll exit the “stealth mode” and definitely ramp things up A LOT from the PR & marketing side.

A year on and still no closer to being informed, as to when PYRO is going to be available for public purchase and investing? The recent updates are merely side notes to actual ICO dates. I respect you a lot and the purpose you’re trying to achieve with this project, but icos came just to give people without millions on their bank accounts the possibility to invest in all projects at an early stage.

That is the problem with this space — ICO is valued more than an actual product that brings real value to the space (and token). Promether is not a get rich quick scheme. You have a working product coming out? Meh…. You have an ICO coming up! When? Where? How can I get in?…. When did we enter a time where product launch is merely a “side note” to an ICO, when in reality it is the only thing that really defines whether a token is even worth something or not. We don’t work in reverse order, we do things the way they should be done — representation of value [product] first (aka use-case to the token), then plan the ICO, and go from there.

The market is constantly changing, regulations are changing, and the company is evolving — there is a time and place for everything, and the current priority is to get Contact done and into the hands of as many people as possible. After we are comfortable that the token would serve as a valuable addition to the ecosystem by providing real utility in a functioning product, we will take steps to incorporate it and inform the community about ICO dates and everything related to it. Until then, all we can ask for is patience — great software takes time to build. Launching an ICO just for the sake of launching an ICO is not something we can justify — everything needs to happen for a reason and in a way that makes sense.

Furthermore, on the subject of fairness, it is also not “fair” to apply history’s logic to the present state of regulations, ICO market, etc. We have entered a completely new playground since ICOs were introduced as investment vehicles for the public to get involved in the early stages. While this is still possible, there’s a lot more to consider now and we are timing everything appropriately as already referenced in the previous comments.

Can I get access to Alpha? Where can I get more info? Why are things taking so long?

Unfortunately alpha is currently only available for hackers and security experts in our close circle so we can properly vet the application before a more public release. I am more than happy to provide peeks into the app through gifs and/or screenshots however.

There are a lot of challenges building a decentralized system and fixing scalability and usability. A lot of things that work in a centralized system are not impossible, but near impossible, in decentralized systems due to the architecture, so it requires a lot of work-arounds and creative engineering. But we are confident in the product and we’ve come up with some great solutions, some of which you’ll see very soon!

How would you describe the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries in terms of pain points and potential?

Honestly, there is a lot of great innovation happening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space (we are on the verge of potentially redefining how literally everything works digitally), but it is often overshadowed by the even greater amount of scams, manipulation, thefts, and fraud. For those reasons, it is very difficult to stand out as a legitimate project in the space, because legitimate projects can’t (or shouldn’t at least) subject themselves to the same empty promises that the scam projects keep throwing around. This creates unrealistic expectations in terms of development timelines as well as to how a real company is built from scratch — paradigm shifting technology is not created in 1–2 years. The real pain point is not with the technology (as that will always continue improving and be eventually figured out), but with the stain this space has due to all the unethical practices going on.

Is Promether an Enterprise level solution?

Promether is developing cyber-security software for both businesses and consumers. We also aim to provide custom digital security solutions for enterprises based on their unique needs, helping with securing their networks/communications/files, adopting privacy-based solutions for operational needs, and much more. We have a thorough strategy for B2B application, which will include both Contact, Promether, and any other applications built on the network in the future. We understand that often it is not the users who care about privacy and security, but the companies rendering services to them. They are the ones under constant attacks where one misstep can mean a destroyed reputation and diminished user-base. To get customers to adopt privacy and security by default it is often smarter to not spend countless hours trying to educate them, but to make companies adopt our solutions so their clients get those features passed on as part of a standard practice.

Any update on Holochain?

After the satisfaction of our initial agreements, the partnership between Holo and Promether has concluded by mutual consent. Both projects have grown significantly since the inception of the cooperation and have naturally developed their own outlook regarding the future implementation of their technologies. We will stay in close contact, and considering the similar ideals and visions we share, be looking for additional opportunities to collaborate. We are proud that our communities have grown strong together and wish one another nothing but the best in all future endeavors. The strong ties between Holo and Promether has NOT ended, currently we are just 100% focused on our product and so are they, further opportunities will reveal themselves once both projects are in a comfortable state for public release.

Thank you for the continued support and stay tuned for more updates about Contact and Promether in the coming days!

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Merging blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and state-of-the-art encryption, Promether marks the end of surveillance and brings about a new era of online privacy, security, and anonymity.


The End of Surveillance

Elton Brauer

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The End of Surveillance

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