The End of Surveillance

Take back your data with Promether

Through a revolutionary new type of platform called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN) Promether enables you to create your own network without the need to worry about privacy or security. The end of surveillance is here!

In 1795 when Thomas Paine wrote the words “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself” it was with coastal borders and suffrage in mind, but it holds true with Information Security today.

We have sold our liberties and fundamental rights to privacy at an astoundingly cheap rate, topped off with an unbelievably low return. We are at the brink of very big data meeting very big security flaws, and the fallout will be in history books.

Systems and practices for securing personal information are flawed on many levels. A motivated hacker will always find a way to bypass security, and there’s a myriad of different security solutions for various applications, which is costly and time-consuming. We’ve also put too much trust in centralized information repositories, like social networks, to store and protect our data, all while they aggregate, index, and mine it for exorbitant profits. They even share this information with governments which in turn have gained an unprecedented insight into the lives of their citizens. On the user side of things the picture isn’t much better — good security is cumbersome, difficult to understand and prone to errors. The worst part is, you don’t control your data!

Light to another path
There is another, better option and Promether plans to pave the way forward. Our vision is to develop a platform, the ASN, for deploying customized networks. The ASN is based on the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ubiquitous Computing which allows you to tailor the networks to meet your specific needs simply by using and configuring a series of reusable software nodes. The nodes will have a built-in end-to-end symmetric and asymmetric encryption so the developers can focus entirely on building great application features instead of worrying about potential security vulnerabilities.

It will be an open-source, scalable, reusable system, independent from the operating system, programming language, application, and protocol used. Once a node is configured for a particular need, the application can start transmitting data securely on top of it. Details of the secure network will be completely separated from the applications that use it. That means no keeping logs, no tracking, and nothing to hand over to governments.

Why we do it
It is not the past or current generations for whom we are concerned, as most of us have already sacrificed our privacy for online convenience. Rather, it is for the generations to come that we must rise up against those who would deny our most basic and human Right to Privacy. This is why we need Promether. Together we can take back control of our privacy.

Of course, nothing happens without adequate resources. That’s where you step in. We’ll need your support to bring the Promether platform closer to life, and we’re inviting you to participate in the upcoming token pre-sale and help us get this visionary project on its feet.

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