Build Great Apps, Make Beautiful Screenshots with Promomatic

Chris Moore
Jun 2 · 3 min read
Easily create beautiful app store assets

There are around 14,000 new app releases everyday on App Store & Google Play and making new app screenshots has become a tedious task for every app developer. App release iterations are now so frequent that the pressure to upload new assets all the time is a tough ask for a development shop. The solution is not to hire but to automate, using Promomatic.

Promomatic is an easy to use web tool where you can create beautiful images for your App Store or Google Play page in seconds. Just upload your app screenshots and with a few clicks, you get beautifully custom app store assets for your app.

Hundreds of device and template combinations

Promomatic’s screenshot builder provides wide range of original and custom Devices for iOS & Android.

Designer Filters

Bold colors in screenshots give your app a fighting chance against the competition. The Promomatic screenshot builder makes it feel like it’s had a designers touch. You can add multiple fonts, sizes and colors to each asset.

Export in all Devices

Use Promomatic to export your screenshot in every resolution required by App Store. We’ve also got templates for launching your product on ProductHunt!

This is an early product launch & we have many good features lined up for future releases. If you have used Promomatic and have feedback, do let us know via Twitter! We’d also be interested in hearing of other potential use-cases you might have for Promomatic that aren’t currently supported.

IRL Examples

Here are just a few different app store assets our customers have created using Promomatic.

@TweetmooreChris, @Ljuti or email us at and

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Easily Create Beautiful App Store Assets

Chris Moore

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Easily Create Beautiful App Store Assets

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