And The Winners Are. . . ! The Winners of the PROMPTAPALOOZA! Writer’s Contest

Announcing the winners of PROMPTAPALOOZA! with links to all the published entries.

It was a stellar month and a half with lots of wonderful submissions from some fantastic writers! While some may have said that running a contest as the inaugural event of a brand new publication may not be the smartest move, we received a good number of entries.

There were 71 entries of which 47 were accepted and entered into the contest across the categories of Fiction/Flash Fiction, Poetry and Non-Fiction. Determining the winners wasn’t easy with so many stellar works to choose from. Stories were read and reread, and each was rated in part, on how well they reflected the theme and followed the set guidelines. All winners will be advertised through the Promposity newsletter and a variety of social media platforms.

So without further ado — Onto the winners!

Fiction/Flash Fiction Winners

I Still Wonder Where You Are, All These Years Later Samantha Rios

A Pitbull In Disguise Leslie Wibberley

Happily Ever After Elle Fredine

Poetry Winners

Circadian Anna Rozwadowska

Scales of the Dragon Moshe Foreman

Closer Jun Wu

Where Will My Child Be Safe Samantha Lazar

Forced Farewell Greg Prince

Non-Fiction Winner

Is Your Page Still Blank? Samantha Lazar

Special Category Winner — Most Prolific Writer

Several writers submitted more than one piece for the completion, however, one writer really stood out in terms of the number of works she entered. This was Samantha Lazar who entered a whopping 12 entries across all three categories!

Honorable Mentions

Sated on Azures Greg Prince

Nothing to Fear Paul Alan Aspen (Fiction/Flash Fiction)

The Yellow Cab Ann Litts (Fiction/Flash Fiction)

Afterbirth Paul Alan Aspen (Poetry)

End of Summer Moshe Foreman (Poetry)

Placebo Alice Acedia (Poetry)

A Dash of Toxicity and a Pinch of Self Hate Samantha Rios (Poetry)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Fiction/Flash Fiction Entries

Solitary Angie De La Luz

What the Children Saw Christine Elgersma

Healing Natalie Fagan

Dissociation Jordan Aspen

The Northern Lights Natalie Fagan

Hidden Desperation Natalie Frank

One Percent Samantha Lazar

Red Dana Sanford

Cabin Retreat Greg Prince

2:00 AM Worries and How to Deal With Them B. L. Teague

Molly Samantha Lazar

Emailed Natalie Frank

Poetry Entries

Western Medicine Sam Kimberle

Unanswered Samantha Lazar

Inside These Four Walls Austin Briggman

Grandma and the Greenhouse Liz Gallo

Teacher’s Lament Samantha Lazar

The Improv Of Zach J. Watson

Still Waiting Samantha Lazar

Summer Love Zita Fontaine

Take Solace in the Solstice Samantha Lazar

Forgiveness Sam Kinberle

Reunion Samantha Lazar

Perfect Strangers Zita Fontaine

The Long Goodbye Samantha Lazar

Beneath the Solstice Sky Natalie Frank

Goodbye To A Friend Moshe Foreman

Herb Garden Bliss Samantha Lazar

Belonging to Me Zita Fontaine

Tyrian Purple Samantha Lazar

Non-Fiction Entries

Yes You Can Write A Memoir Natalie Frank

Come Up With New Writing Ideas By Getting Out of Your Head and Engaging With the World Around You Natalie Frank

Please explore all of the prompts from the PROMPTAPLOOZA! Contest and submit a response to any of them to the Promposity publication. Accepted submissions will be published and promoted via the Promposity Newletter and a variety of social media platforms. Also be sure to follow us for the latest information about future prompts, contests and challenges from Promposity.


The home of prompt based fiction, poetry, and other creative writing. Regular challenges and contest will be issued. Writers will have the chance to suggest prompts of their own.

Natalie Frank, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)

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I write about behavioral health & other topics. I’m Managing Editor (Serials, Novellas) for LVP Press. See my other articles:


The home of prompt based fiction, poetry, and other creative writing. Regular challenges and contest will be issued. Writers will have the chance to suggest prompts of their own.

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