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Promposity is Back With a Brand New Contest!

Dear All,

I’m pleased to announce the relaunch of As most are aware there were a number of changes at Medium in the last year which affected individual content creators and publications. Many publications, small and large, closed their doors. Some said they felt that Medium was no longer a conducive atmosphere for publishing publications.

While waiting for the dust to settle, after a successful year, went on hiatus. We had no intention of closing down the publication but were watching for a better time to continue our efforts and to see what the changes on Medium seemed to hold for the future of publications.

We weren’t planning on relaunching until after the first of the year, but began receiving queries and requests to restart the publication. It seems that in times of stress the desire to create is often stimulated though it sometimes needs to be prompted and nourished to bring it fruition. At we are committed to doing exactly that.

Instead of waiting, we have decided to relaunch now, with a brand new contest for Thanksgiving. You can find the description and guidelines for submitting in the link below.

Submit an Entry for Our Thanksgiving Contest as Promposity is Relaunched

The idea of thankfulness and creativity as well as companionship seem to be perfect themes for the current times as we get closer to the end of another year with COVID still circulating and people everywhere reaching out for meaning and connection.

We hope you’ll join our contest by submitting a story. If you aren’t currently a writer and would like to be, please comment on the story announcing the contest and you’ll he added. Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to submit something this time around, you can be added as a writer which will make it easier to submit next time.

This is also the perfect time to express our thankfulness for each of you. You are what makes what it is today and everything it can be tomorrow.

Have a wonderful rest of the month and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Best Always,

P.S. We are considering taking on a new assistant editor. If you are someone filled with creativity and ideas and would be interested in helping us, please let us know.




The home of prompt based fiction, poetry, and other creative writing. Regular challenges and contest will be issued. Writers will have the chance to suggest prompts of their own.

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