Promptapalooza Prompts #2: Screen Writing, Stage Writing, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction and Prompt Submissions

Join in the Fun and Win! Runs for 30 days, June 17, 2019 — July 17, 2019, with New Prompts Added Regularly!

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Promptapalooza! Is off to a great start! Lots of people are working on pieces to submit and the first poem, Sated on Azures, by Greg Prince, which was curated in poetry, has been published. To provide more inspiration in case the other prompts didn’t light a fire under you, here are some more for you to work with. The categories of Screenplay Scene and Stage Play Scene have also been added for all of you screen writers and playwrights out there!

This is the second set of prompts for the Promptapalooza! contest which is being thrown in honor of the new publication, Promposity. Be sure to read the rules which were given along with the first set of prompts and the general submission guidelines for the publication.

If you would like to submit a prompt (or more than one), please send them to These will be published in groups of 10–15 in a single story, with the prompt and name of the person submitting. These collections of prompts will be unlocked, however, each writer whose prompts are selected will have their name hyperlinked to their profile and be able to submit a short bio which will be published below their prompt. (Please include a 1–2 sentence bio with your prompt submission not to exceed 50 words).

More prompts in a variety of categories will be added regularly so be sure to check back! You can enter as many times and in as many categories as you’d like. Winners for each category will be announced after the contest closes and special winners will be selected from those who submitted in two categories, three categories and four categories. A special crossover winner will be selected from those who wrote a non-fiction essay based on one of the prompts as well as at least one of the creative writing categories.

Submissions will be published as they are accepted. (Please remember to include what prompt you are responding to in your email and in the subheading of your story). We look forward to reading what you come up with!

Screenplay Scene Prompts (Limit 10 minute read — Slightly longer will be considered if very well written.)

Prompt 21: Add an original scene to a favorite film.

Prompt 22: Write a chase scene without cars.

Prompt 23: Write a scene that ends with a cliffhanger.

Prompt 24: Write a scene that begins with this line: “It should have gone off without a hitch.”

Prompt 25: Write a scene where someone disobeys orders where the result is unexpected.

Prompt 26: A scene in which an animal plays an important role.

Prompt 27: A scene where despite no words being spoken, something very important is communicated between two people.

Play Writing Scene Prompts (Limit 10 minute read — Slightly longer will be considered if very well written.)

Prompt 28: Make a list of at least five things you’ve never seen on a stage before that would totally stun you if you did.

Prompt 29: Rewrite the ending scene of a well known play.

Prompt 30: Write a scene in which one character insults another character out of the blue and provide some kind of indication as to the motivation for the insults.

Prompt 31: Write a scene that is a modern stage adaptation of a fairy tale.

Prompt 32: Find a poem or short story written by someone else on Medium, and adapt it into a scene for a stage play. (Make sure to include the name of the writer, and the name of the poem or story. The name of the source should be hyperlinked back to the original).

Prompt 33: Write a scene where all the action happens off stage and the actors on stage can only listen and react.

Prompt 34: Write a scene where the actors are reacting to something that occurs offstage but which isn’t told to audience. The actors cannot directly refer to whatever it is they are reacting to. The audience can only learn of it through what the actors are saying and doing.

Poetry Prompts — (Poems can be in any form unless specified)

Prompt 35: Write a poem about something that is toxic to you specifically or for people in general.

Prompt 36: Write a poem about what it feels like to wait for something you want very badly.

Prompt 37: Write about different textures and what each elicits in you.

Prompt 38: Use the idea of synesthesia, or the crossing of two or more senses (e.g. seeing a sound, numbers being seen as into pictures etc.) to write about how you experience an emotion.

Prompt 39: Choose a piece of music that does not have words, and write a poem based on whatever it makes you feel or brings to mind.

Prompt 40: Haiku prompt: Use one of the choices below as the theme for a poem that is comprised of three stanzas, each stanza being a Haiku.

  • Sorry
  • Innocence
  • Anticipation
  • Hopeful
  • A child’s love
  • Despondent
  • Heartfelt
  • Disappointment
  • Sudden surprise
  • Loss
  • Genuineness

Flash Fiction Prompts (300–1000 words)

Prompt 41: Make up a word and decide what you want it to mean. Tell a story that uses the word in a way that the reader will understand what it means without actually defining it.

Prompt 42: A child’s swimming ability seems perfectly on par with her peers at camp until she starts growing gills.

Prompt 43: It’s three am and you awaken to the sound of an ice cream truck outside your house. You realize what woke you though, was the voice of your five year old daughter talking to the ice cream man.

Prompt 44: Pets are disappearing then being found far from where they should be with areas of their body shaved. What is going on?

Prompt 45: A man, wrongly accused of murder in the new human colony on Mars, is sure he is going to be executed, until a new guard turns out to be his wife who he for some reason is unable to remember. What happens?

Fiction Prompts (1000–2500 words)

Prompt 46: Two teens stuck at the top of a record high hill on a roller coaster grow impatient and decide to get out. Just as they do, the ride starts up again and they are left there without anyway they can see to get down. It was the last ride of the night and no one realizes they’re up there. Do they get down and if so how? If not, what happens?

Prompt 47: It’s the beginning of the period of the Salem Witch Trials, but it turns out real witches are the only ones who can save the people from a deadly new plague.

Prompt 48: Every 500 years, ancient Egyptian mummies all come back to life for one night. It’s the year 2500 and it’s time for them to rise. What’s different this time around compared to the last time they came back to life?

Prompt 49: A teenager who is mad at his parents, learns how to make a golem. Once he’s successful, he begins a secret business charging other kids to make them golems also. What happens?

Prompt 50: Magic becomes a real ability for about 1 percent of the worlds population. In order to help those with magic meet each other, someone develops a meetup app with video capabilities which also has a function that lets them share spells with each other. What’s the name of the app, what do they talk about and what do they share? Does anything go wrong?

Nonfiction Essay Prompts

Prompt 51: Flash fiction is not just stories below a certain word count. How does flash fiction differ from regular fiction?

Prompt 52: What is the genre of The Weird and what are some tips for writing it?

Prompt 53: What are some unusual ways to come up with prompts for your writing that most people might not think of?

Natalie Frank (Taye Carrol) has had work featured in Haunted Waters Press, Weirdbook Magazine, Siren’s Call Publications, Lycan Valley Press and Zero Fiction among others. Her poetry has been featured in several anthologies. She is the Managing Editor for Novellas and Serials at LVP Publications.


The home of prompt based fiction, poetry, and other creative writing. Regular challenges and contest will be issued. Writers will have the chance to suggest prompts of their own.

Natalie Frank, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)

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I write about behavioral health & other topics. I’m Managing Editor (Serials, Novellas) for LVP Press. See my other articles:


The home of prompt based fiction, poetry, and other creative writing. Regular challenges and contest will be issued. Writers will have the chance to suggest prompts of their own.

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