Can I get more out of my Shitty Job than Money?

Abi Noonan
Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read
Photo by Sam Truong Dan on Unsplash

I work as a waitress, I spend all day walking around making sure that people enjoy their meals, dealing with weirdos and idiots who all ask the same questions. But I still try to do it as well as I can. Even though i don’t always like my job or who i am around, even though I know it is not an ‘important job’ and that it is a bit of a dead end.

I just don’t see the point of NOT making the most of the situation.

Ultimately, yes, I am just there to get paid, but the more that I put in the more I know I will get back. The more positivity I bring to it, the more satisfaction I will feel.

My work ethic is something that I am rather proud of, no matter what job I’ve had, waitress, maid, factory laborer or receptionist, I have always put my all into it. For me work ethic and job satisfaction are one in the same, i can not be happy with my day if I know that I have not done all I could have. And this is not uncommon, many studies have found a significant positive relationship between a good work ethic, positive attitudes, and high levels of job satisfaction

My mum bought me a notebook when i was about 14, and it had a quote on the front.

“Whatever you are be a good one” — William Thackeray

This quote always stuck with me, and I have been thinking more and more about it lately. There is no joy in doing something badly, and there is no point in doing something if you aren’t going to give it 100% of your effort. It has always reminded me to find that silver lining.

What you bring to the table is not always enough to ensure that you have a good fulfilling day at work, and overall you might still feel like it is not the best use of your time. If you are like me and are heavily affected by the actions and responses of those around you you will find it difficult. I am always taken aback when my coworkers tell me that I ‘care too much’ and that I ‘just need to relax’. And it took me a while to realize that these words only reflected on their own attitudes and insecurities.

So even if you are always looking for something better, or studying for a degree so that you can move onward and upwards, remember that your time is only wasted if you let it be. So make the most of your day and take all that you can from your experiences.

While researching this week’s prompt I was inspired by an article written by Dr. A. Chaudhry; Corporate Talk: How values and Attitude Influence Job Satisfaction. I recommend you give it a read, it comes from a more professional perspective and goes beyond just one person’s experiences and views.

I wrote this article for a series my partner and I are doing called: Prompt of the Week.

Each week we draw a prompt out of our jar and write an article about it. We read each other’s article then record a podcast discussing our thoughts.

This weeks prompt was WORK.

Click the link to see my partner’s take on this prompt:

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