Rhys Gevaux
Jul 19, 2018 · 3 min read
“Close-up of a light bulb lying on green grass” by Ashes Sitoula on Unsplash

It is said that ideas are worthless. They shouldn’t be.

An idea without execution doesn’t amount to worth, but that doesn’t make the idea worthless. Ideas are the most important aspect. Without excellent ideas, paradigm shifting ideas, we would not advance as a species. We should focus on making execution easier so that more ideas have value.

Think of the products that you interact with daily. Think of what innovations were required to make those products a reality. Think of the ideas behind those innovations. Think of how crazy those ideas must have seemed at the time. What do you think of?

Things that came to my mind (with some research):

  • Henry Ford: What if cars could be built by many people simultaneously?
  • Claude Shannon: What if information could be communicated digitally?
  • Murray Leinster: What if everyone could connect to the entirety of information?

All amazing ideas.

It makes me wonder who else had these ideas. It makes me wonder what ideas have gone unnoticed, unexecuted. It makes me wonder how many ideas have been frowned upon by managers. If the path of least resistance in life was to execute on our outlandish ideas, what would the world look like?

Imagine a world where it’s not scary to attempt seemingly ridiculous things. Imagine a world where it’s not scary to attempt to achieve a vision. What would it look like?

I don’t know. I don’t think anyone could know. We could all theorise away but noone would be correct. One thing I hope we could all agree is on is that the world would be a better place.

People wouldn’t work to put a roof over their head, or food on the table. They would work to achieve something. Something big. Something life-changing. Something world-shattering.

The advances that could be made. The advances that could have been made. If the world was a safe place to fail, would I be writing this article in my home in Melbourne? Would I be writing it from somewhere else? USA? Paris? Tokyo? The middle of the atlantic? The bottom of the atlantic? The Moon? Mars? I wouldn’t be writing it at all. What would be the point? Everyone would have something more meaningful to do than read this.

I believe that there are three simple requirements to completely change the way we go about life:

  1. Free shelter
  2. Free water
  3. Free food

Where would we be in 10 years if everyone was guaranteed to have adequate shelter and nutrition? It’s for this exact reason that things like the universal basic income are required. We should be rewarded for failing.

Thanks to automation and overpopulation, we’re likely heading towards massive unemployment. Billions of people out of work. This is because all existing work can be replaced. Much of what we do is repitive, low-level tasks. We are better than that.

I believe that one of last things that artificial intelligence will replace is ideas. New ideas. Ground-breaking ideas. I believe that everyone has them, but only a few can reasonably act on them. This should be everyone’s job.

We should all be entrepeneurs. Not only those with the bravery to overcome the overwhelming societal barriers. Not only those who live with enough wealth to have the freedom. Everyone should be following their vision for a better tomorrow. The only people you should work with, are those that have that same vision.

Ideas matter. We all have at least one amazing idea in our lifetime, and we should all be able to attempt to execute on it.

I wrote this article for a series my partner and I are doing called: Prompt of the Week.

Each week we draw a prompt out of our jar and write an article about it. We read each other’s article then record a podcast discussing our thoughts.

This week’ss prompt was: Idea (if you couldn’t already guess 😝)

My partner’s take on the prompt: https://medium.com/@ab.noon004/why-start-prompt-of-the-week-8d3bcc507190

Prompt of the Week

Weekly prompt based discussions

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Prompt of the Week

Weekly prompt based discussions

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