What’s the point in weddings these days?

Rhys Gevaux
Aug 13, 2018 · 2 min read

I did not see the need for weddings.

Marriage is an outdated concept to me. You can commit to spending your life with someone without a piece of paper saying so. The majority of reasons we have married throughout history have faded.

A quick google search yielded that the average Australian wedding costs $65,000. Sixty-five thousand dollars! Why spend all that money and time on something so unnecessary? Imagine what else you could do for sixty-five thousand dollars!

  • New car
  • House deposit
  • 3 month holiday for two
  • 65,000 Mars Bars on a half price special

I would much rather any of the above than drop $65,000 on a single day activity. I’d rather pop into the registration office and go on a 3 month honeymoon. But then something happened.

I fell in love.

So after attending my first wedding as an adult, I started to see a wedding for what it is. It goes beyond being just a ceremony of marriage. It’s a celebration of two people’s love for each other. A love that they want to share with the people close to them. That’s something I can get behind.

Now I’m excited to have a wedding. Excited to attend my friends’ weddings. Love is such a beautiful thing and it’s amazing to behold.

I still have my reservations for the necessity of marriage, but weddings are amazing. I can only hope that when I get my turn at the alter, we can find a way to not spend a crazy amount of money. That we can celebrate our love without an attachment to the monetary.

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