Abi Noonan
Jul 26, 2018 · 2 min read
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Life is what you make of it and I’ve found that it has all to do with your outlook, your perspective, your attitude.

In reading a bunch of personal development books I’ve seen that the good ones focus on you being proactive in changing your the way you approach your everyday.

After reading The Courage to Be Disliked I realized how often I am holding on to the negative and allowing it to ruin my day, or even my week. But in letting go of those things and moving on and looking for the positive in whatever is next I can completely turn my day around.

I learnt that you get what you want from every experience. If you are thinking negatively, then that is all you will get, more negativity. If you are wanting to learn you will find a lesson and If you are happy you will find something that will make you smile, no matter how hard they are to see.

The effects of a positive outlook go much further than improving your mood. Recent studies have linked pessimism with early death, a low quality of life, and in particular, a link to heart disease.It’s also seen in those who are recovering from surgeries and injuries. Those who think they won’t recover, or their situation will not improve show a significantly reduced chance to do so.

While optimism can not protect you from these illnesses it has been shown to reduce your risks, lead to a better quality of life, better recoveries and a longer healthier life. Why not give yourself the best odds by looking for the silver lining on every cloud and the learning experience in every tough time?

Changing your view on life is hard, but to get the most out of it it is important to give yourself the best chances you can. So take control of the only things you can, your mind, your outlook, your reactions and make sure that you get the most happiness you can from every moment.

I wrote this article for a series my partner and I are doing called: Prompt of the Week.

Each week we draw a prompt out of our jar and write an article about it. We read each other’s article then record a podcast discussing our thoughts.

This weeks prompt was PERSPECTIVE.

Click the link to see my partner’s take on this prompt:

Prompt of the Week

Weekly prompt based discussions

Abi Noonan

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Prompt of the Week

Weekly prompt based discussions

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