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How Emerging Technologies Support IoT?

Today, IoT technology is flourishing with full potential globally and is getting embraced by a wide range of industries and organizations. These industries are striving hard to achieve IoT’s complete potential-more insights, efficiency and excellent productivity.

The emerging technologies are bringing digital and physical worlds closer and have now become essential because IoT solutions are becoming part of new applications and environment. The utilization of these emerging technologies to enhance the abilities of IoT solution is just not a trend but the market demand. It also generates real-world results.

Businesses incorporating advanced technologies are enjoying more benefits from IoT deployment, resulting in more investment in IoT solutions in their organizations. Microsoft IoT Signal report shares that IoT adoption has been continued to grow from 2019, rising from 85 per cent of companies using the technology to 91 per cent. Furthermore, 95 per cent of institutions expect to use IoT potentially in the coming years.

What are the increasing Capabilities of Emerging Technologies?

Today most organizations are already familiar with emerging technologies. Artificial intelligence, edge computing, and digital twins are already integral parts of their solutions as they facilitate solutions to work both online and offline while adding more analytic and predicting power and producing benefits by linking digital and physical domains together.

For example, Digital twins technology grants users to test the effects of changes to a system, process, or physical structure before implementing them in the real-world system or format. Not just this, this technology also enables users to manage the systems of a structure/model or equipment remotely by adopting a 3D digital model, whether you’re overseeing a single building or an entire structure.

On the other hand, Edge computing provides less latency time, offers real-time processing and analysis of massive data workloads. It also provides security, convenience and cuts down the storage costs of IoT data.

By migrating cloud databases, analytics and custom business logic to edge devices, organizations can concentrate more on business insights instead of spending time on data management and security in the cloud.

Meanwhile, Artificial intelligence adds more skills like analyzing vast amounts of information and images, machine learning, understanding speech, making predictions, and providing automated decisions. These features combine to optimize the productivity of IoT solutions.

Innovative edge modules and intelligent cloud systems develop systems that can understand their environment, learn, and adjust to maximize operations.

Strengthening Existing Solutions

Emerging technologies contribute to accelerating their RoI (Return on Investment) while automating or providing remote control and monitoring of assets. Since the COVID-19 has hit the world, the adoption of IoT technology for the purpose of remote monitoring and other related tasks has increased. The pandemic has limited on-site work and restricted staffing at offices or production plants, and other facilities.

Many building owners ( property owners in New York) use IoT solutions to handle the Covid-19 situation and ensure the health of its tenant. For examples, The company uses the solution to improve the health and safety of its tenants. The company integrated new safety measures for the tenants when buildings were reopened for business during the COVID-19 pandemic. It created and deployed an innovative, secure, scalable remote monitoring solution. The developed solution uses physical and digital assets, including Azure Digital Twins, to keep tenants safe and informed via apps, the cloud and on-site devices such as no-touch thermal sensors to detect fevers and social distancing detectors.

In the same way, the logistics business is also leveraging the benefits provided by IoT solutions. They are using IoT Solutions to inform their customers about their freight in real-time at any place. The logistic companies use integrated Intel-developed sensors and Intel Connected logistics platform technology with Azure IoT Central to run a system that can provide real-time shipment insights to employees and customers to ensure that their goods reach customers on time in healthy condition. The information shared includes the location and other vital necessary related aspects like temperature, humidity and shock during transit while ensuring security.

Building Strong Deployments

Successful integration and adoption of IoT in an organization can be measured on the basis of cost as well as production efficiency and reliability, improved quality and security. Integrating emerging technologies with IoT solution can enhance intelligent cloud or offline with intelligent edge computing. Besides this, innovations in hardware such as a growing option of lightning fast-processor or plug-and-play IoT enabled devices, field-programmable gate arrays and video processing units to handle specialized workloads in new or retrofitted IoT solutions. IoT is providing a plethora of options for different industries to enhance their productivity and efficiency. The combination of IoT with other advanced technologies is opening ’n’ number of opportunities to make better tomorrow.

Prompt Softech, an IoT based company, is providing highly advanced IoT solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of the organization. They have IoT enabled solution for the logistic industry to track the real-time location of the vehicle and provide other essential data like weather etc. Prompt has also developed an IoT-based security system for homes and organizations. There are many other smart solutions that are developed by the Softech Company to improve the working process of companies.

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Prompt Softech is a passion-driven Mobile Applications and Software Development Company.

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