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How Operational Analytics Helps Businesses in Making Data-Driven Decisions?

With the adoption of the latest technologies in businesses and growth in disruptive technologies, cloud computing and IoT devices are causing immense data generation than ever before. However, the challenge is not collecting data but using it in the right way. Thus, businesses have found an option to analyze the data most potentially. Organizations are using futuristic analytics features to understand the data. Operational analytics is one of the popular solutions to upheave business.

Nowadays, data is increasing tremendously. Every time a user interacts with the device or website, an immense amount of data is produced. At the workplace, when employees use company’s device like computer, laptop or tablet, then the data produced by them is also added in the company’s data house. The generated data turns useless if not used appropriately.

Operational analytics is at the initial stage of getting the place in the business industry. A survey by Capgemini Consulting states that 70% of organizations prioritize operations than customer-focused operations for their analytics initiatives. Nevertheless, 39% of organizations have widely combined their operational analytics initiatives with their processes, and around 29% has achieved the target from their endeavours.

Any idea about operational analytics and how it works?

Operational analytics can be defined as a type of business analytics which aims to improve existing operations in real-time. The operational analytics process involves data mining, data analysis, business intelligence and data aggregation tools to achieve more accurate information for business planning. We can say that operational analytics is best among other analytic methods for its ability to collect information from different parts of the business system and processes it in real-time, enabling organizations to take a prompt decision for the progress of their business.

How Operational analytics helps in business?

Operational analytics allows processing information from various sources and answers different questions like what appropriate action a business should take, whom to communicate and what should be the immediate plan etc. Obviously, actions taken after considering operational analytics are highly favourable as they are fact-based. Thus, this analytics approach fully automated decision or can be used as input for management decisions. Operational analytics is used in almost all industries.

We can have a look at some of them:

  1. Today, banks use operational analytics to segregate customers based on aspects like credit risk and card usage. The data provided helps the bank to provide customers with the most relevant products that fall under the customers’ personalized category.
  2. Manufacturing companies are also taking advantage of this beautiful technology. Operational analytics can easily recognize the machine with issues and alerts the company on machinery failures.
  3. Adding operational analytics in the supply chain enables an organization to get a well-designed dashboard that provides a clear picture on consumption, stock and supply situation. The dashboard displays critical information that can examine and promptly coordinate with the supplier on a supplemental delivery.
  4. Operation analytics is also active in the marketing sector as it helps marketers segregate customers based on shopping patterns. They can use the data to sell related products to target customers.

What are the benefits of operational analytics?

Adoption of operational analytics brings many benefits for businesses. It imprints a positive impact on the entire enterprise.

Speedy decision-making:

Businesses that have already adopted operational analytics enjoy the privilege of making decisions in real-time based on available customer data. Previously, companies were restricted to decide on annual or half-yearly or quarterly data. Adopting operational analytics has empowered companies by providing the data in real-time, which ultimately helps in changing the processes and workflow. A recent study has proven that improving operations can make a US$117 billion increase in profits for global organizations.

Improved customer experience:

Operational analytics works as a real-time troubleshooter for companies. For instance, if a shopping site or an air travel company encounters money transaction problems, then operations analytics immediately finds the issue and informs that the payment portal of the app is corrupt. It notifies the employees for the same and clears it quickly.

Enhanced productivity:

Operational analytics has allowed organizations to see the drawbacks that hinder the growth and disrupts the workflow. Businesses can streamline the operations and process, depending on the data.

For example, suppose an organization follows a very lengthy process to authorize something. In that case, the company can detect the issue, remove it, or change it to online modes to simplify the process.

Operational analytics software:

Operational analytics software supports organizations to achieve visibility and insight into data, business operations and streamlining events. It empowers an organization to make decisions and promptly act on the insights.

Some of the famous operational analytics software are:

  • Panorama Necto- Panorama Necto is renowned as a business intelligence solution that caters enterprises with the latest ways to cooperate and produce unparalleled contextual links.
  • Alteryx- This software helps operations leaders and analysts in answering strategic investment questions or critical process in a repeatable way.
  • Siemens Opcenter- Siemens Opcenter is considered as holistic Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that allows users to execute a plan for the whole digitization of manufacturing processes.


We can now conclude that businesses are welcoming operational analytics to improve workplace efficiency, drive competitive advantages, and provide the best customer experience.

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