#001 Writing Prompt: Favorite Words

A short story highlighting my favorite words.

Hide and Seek

She dashed through the eerily quiet forest, darting between slender tree trunks in her path. The spires of trees flexing overhead from the warm gusts. Low skeletal branches snatched for her sweeping ashen hair. Legs heavy with fatigue and her lungs empty of air, she halted at a clearing. Her ivory satin dress was littered with rips and debris from the woods.

She’d only just escaped her hunter, the feeling of security surely false and fleeting. Her escape was futile and his approach was imminent. The night was deep and hazy, the air filled with the sound of flapping bats’ wings. The sound hypnotically lulling. She looked up, watching the bats encircle her and spiral upwards into the inky expanse. The creatures were elegant, their wings perpetually drenched in moonlight. She envied their grace and freedom.

She wandered deeper in, approaching a trickling creek. She planted herself in the mud, draping her bare legs into the chilly water. She cupped her hands and plunged them into the water for a drink. A rustling of branches startled her. Paused just out of reach, a highly decorated stag. His ears pricked forward, listening to her. Her glinting iridescent eyes gazed right back. He deemed her no threat and drank from the creek.

There was the hushed snap of a twig underfoot and she became petrified. With a jolt the buck withdrew from the water and sprang from sight. She pivoted in the shallow water and met his eye, her hunter. She did not attempt to rise as he drew back his bow. Her freedom would be soon and eternal. Her crimes indispensable and now her punishment. She awaited her execution, but her hunter did not loose his arrow. Her eyes drew him closer to her. Closer, closer, closer she lured him. He stooped beside her, coaxed by her eyes. She profoundly kissed his lips and so his piquant soul was now hers.

Hunter and prey. Never play hide and seek with a siren.