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Charlie’s Curation Corner

Poetry & Fiction • June 5th — June 11th

Photo by Jessica Knowlden on Unsplash

Let’s make it rain! Not with money, but with words, that’s just as good, right? I’m ready to see what you all got up to in the last week. However much I enjoy writing these little intros for you I know you simply want to get to the good stuff, so without further ado…



I just want to refresh you all on the way I am approaching this newsletter:

I am applying a little more scrutiny to what I include here, and by that, I just mean I am really trying to pick out the pieces I think were underseen and are lacking in interaction. Sometimes this may look uneven because some pieces have a lot of claps and some have a lot of comments. I am looking for a healthy middle between the two as it stands.

If you have an ongoing, serialized story, I will include the most recent chapter of that story as it fits within the time frame of the newsletter. If this is an issue or you would like me to not include it let me know!

Typically, I do not include submissions to whatever challenge we may have going on at the moment solely to uphold its integrity. I don’t want to accidentally miss one and make it seem like a slight or that I’m showing favor toward any one entry.

Alright, with all that out of the way, I’m off to do some writing of my own. Let’s meet back here on Friday, okay? Cool, and do make sure to…

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