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End Of Year Review #3

The Fiction Edition

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Greetings PW writers and readers! The Pub is open. Come, grab a drink and a snack and find yourselves a comfortable place to read. I have a few more requests to make among you, my friends.

As I mentioned in the first review, I am thrilled with how well Promptly Written has been received and how enthusiastically you’ve all responded.

However, the trend of low readership has extended well into Fiction stories.

I have to admit, I still feel great shame for not assisting my publications’ writers more, and I accept my part of the blame in not making all of our writers here feel welcome, to know their work has worth and meaning, and to know it deserves to be read and acknowledge with a clap and/or comment. And as the EIC of this publication, I will be implementing a few new changes in January that I hope will make PW a more receptive place for all writers. I will be putting out another article on that soon.

I know we all have our favorite writers here on Medium. We follow them, subscribe to them, immediately rush to read them as soon as they’ve published something, clap, and comment. And yet, there are so many amazing writers on Medium who are barely recognized. And they are awesome writers! Everyone on the previous list, this list, and future lists, I have read and have delighted in their work. Please give some of these other writers a chance. You may just find your next favorite!

This will be about October Fiction only. There will be another list on Dec. 26th for November Fiction Only. There are just too many little-read Fiction stories in PW to inundate you all with them before Christmas.

So please, as you visit these Fiction stories, read them and only after reading, clap as you feel inspired and if you have time, please leave them a comment.

As you read each of these, please come back here and HIGHLIGHT them so that we know they are being read. Thank you!


Penelope Mayfield | Pierce McIntyre | Upen Singh | Marie A. Rebelle | James Knight | ArtFor | Marcus | J Isom | Charlie Cole | Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) | Joy Bennett | Leese Wright | Nikki Waterson | B. | Setraj Jahan | Carrie. A. Kelly | Joseph Lieungh | Sharon Kiprono | Kendra Gayle Lee | Libby Shively McAvoy | Pam Saraga | AK (Aaska Aejaz) | Dave Logan | KM Bernard | Krystal Mossbarger | jeanninekauffmann | Melodi Menase | srstowers | Samah Fadil | Mihai Brinas | Arbab Z. | L Burton | Shirley Jones Luke | Lizzie Morley | Fiza Ameen | TeeJay Small | Noemi Ergas Bitterman | David Acaster | Las siete y más | Kacege | Yan Huang | Teresa Young | VRITANT | Craig Axford | Sangeetha Shankar | Wry Welwood | 🌈LIFE LESSON | Winta Assefa | IMΛBӨПG FΛMIПЦ | Anthony David Vernon | Amanda Gravely | Ethereal Sonder | Teresa Grabs | Jayda Griffin | Caitlin Rebecca | Nancy Elliott | Raphael Jerome | Mubtasim Akhyar | Dustin Arand | Stefani Vader | Theodora | Daniel McIntosh | Maria Khan | Life is Amazing with Books and Writers | Connor Powers | SME Consultant | Suma Narayan | Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar | Verbieann Hardy | Christine Graves | Bradley Ebenhoeh | Karishma Shrishrimal | Joe Merkle | Nisreen Khaldi | Katharine Valentino | Cj Brown | Nick Bundarin | Francesca Astiazaran | Katrina D. | Kathy — KN J Tales and Snippets | I am more than you see | Devon Raharja | Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva | PseuPending (call me Seu) | Sandra Pawula | Suhasini Suresh | Giulietta Passarelli | Madame Moudmak | Stephanie S. Diamond | Rane Kelze | Adriana Vazquez | Amanda Wilson | Alyse Rowe | Slow train | Patricia Koller Sisson | Karla Parra | Sam Finlayson | Angie Smartt | Isabel Villasmil | Sara Wade Gray | Marrisa W. | B D 6 | Lanny Knight | Valorie Lasley | Michele Grieve | Hamsalekha | Ellen Andaya | Sourav Rana | Yael Shira | Ghina Zaidi | Jennifer Jones | Ashley | Liora W. | Desiree M. Ortega | Adam Nathan Wieland | Bart Elbey | Bwalya Chanda | Rhonda Marrone | Marc Barham | Noman Shaikh | Prashansa Chandekar | Roselyn Violet | Casey Bergin | Sujona Chatterjee | Shailyse Jainae | NIDAA | Sierra M. Koester | Karin Blak | Bethany Barton | Aabye-Gayle F. | Karen Schwartz | Sara Cansino | YM Seah | Aparna Khanna | T. Mark Mangum | Jill Robbins | Chacha Jaramillo | Alex Rosado | Kristen Haveman | Zaineb Afzal | Nour N. | John Doiron | Soumya Doshi | Susan Mack | Jasmine Aguilar | Ahlam Ben Saga | Azfar Saleem | Isa Nan | Donal Greigh | Casey Lawrence | Neera Handa Dr | Jennifer R. Charest-Rodriguez | Florin Popa | Bulan Empat | Shagufta | jules | Suzanne Worden | PJ Jackelman | Barbara Mac | Tas (they/them) | Kim McKinney | Ross Lynn | Kurtis Williamson | Kira Dawn | Fifi Leigh | Sky Daniels | Janice Eastman | Maia Sham | KiKi Walter | Sharing Words | Melinda Craig | C.A. Jaymes | Cassandra Armstrong | Scot Butwell | Jupiter Grant | Amy Sea | Judey Kalchik | Daniel Esse | Hannah LaDuke | Eno Iwok | Ali | Mireille | Mia Seleccion | Jared Griffin | Staten Blogging | Vivian Oguguo | Ellen Baker |James Marshal | Faked | Terry L. Cooper | Jacob Flanders | Chris A Raymond | Jesse Wilson | K.Kumar | Hope Carter | Paul Mansfield | Mayuresh Belsare | Nivetha krishnan | Roxanne Barbour | Manthan Mohite | KSHernandez |tucker lux | Joanne Olivieri | Emily Goswick | Suzanne Pisano | Sam Ochstein | Jenn Murg | Tunnel Books, author and creator, Francis Edwards | Peter Ling | Julie Ballantyne Brown | Christopher Jackson | Jennifer N. Adams | Deepa N Swamy | Umme Salma | Sally Prag | Linda Acaster | Alex Godley | Kimberly Hampton Nilsson | Shanice Lawton | Christina DeFeo | Niall Leah | C. Chou | Jane Heerema-Anhold | Robin Christine Honigsberg | Cendrine Marrouat | AliciaMarie Belchak | Master Life, Build Dreams | Daniella Mini | Jackson Barr Stories | Krystyna Smith | Nicole Sponsel | Beverly Annette Little | Tamar Cerafici | Cara J. Jaye | Stephen Chamberlin | Paul Leonidou | Vashni Stories | Shereen Bingham | Rotimi-Ibitoye Faith



Promptly Written is the place to find prompts for all your writing needs. Monthly themes and weekly prompts will be made available. Snag only the ones you like. Write whenever, wherever the mood strikes you.

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