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Giving Back

Volunteering and Donating

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I grew up in a large family, Mom, Dad, me and three younger Brothers. Giving back was instilled in us at an early age. We were not rich by any stretch of the imagination and my parents always had to cut corners in order to make ends meet. They scrimped and saved in order to send us all to Catholic school where they felt we would receive a good education - and we did. I remember at a young age when we were all asked by my parents to give of our toys and used clothes to the community where less fortunate children could benefit from what we had. We were always taught that whatever we had should be shared even though we did not have much. I remember thousands of times my Mom would literally empty her wallet of bills and her coin purse to help us and others. These memories have always stayed with me.

Over the years I have always donated to causes which were important to me and gave what I could afford. I however always felt that I wanted a more "hands on" experience donating my skills and time in order to help causes in which I felt most passionate.

I worked at the Botanical Gardens which is a non profit organization and although I was a paid employee there I felt that I wanted to do much more. I’d see volunteers, hundreds of them daily who help as docents, help in gardening, help with teaching children etc... I wanted to do the same. I had a burning desire in my heart to donate my time to them. Once I left my employment there, I began volunteering as their social media strategist and I would frequent the garden weekly and help clean and pick up trash. It was fulfilling and it was a gift that I gave to myself by helping them.

In looking to donate,
I came across KIVA who is a nonprofit organization in which I felt was worthy and excited about donating my money. I like the idea of helping those less fortunate realizing their dreams and KIVA is the perfect fit for me.

In order to help others we have to be grateful for what we have and by doing so and giving of our ourselves to others we connect with our fellow brothers and sisters in a most profound and loving manner. Give of yourself from your heart.

Thank you to Ravyne Hawke for the weekly special Dec 6th — Dec. 12th in Promptly Written.

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