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Jazzy Jubilation

For Sony a tribute

Photo by Author Joanne Olivieri taken at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco
Photo by Author taken at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz

With a fire in her eyes

her soul speaks sensuous octaves. Blazing rhythms scorch sassy stanzas.

Scintillating embers

ignite a childlike innocence.

Passions ablaze

she speaks harmonies

of deliberate tones;

A synchronized sonata.

Jazzy jubilation

and metered mezzo collide

in a soulful syncopation

of lyrical liaisons.

She vocalizes

in sweet serenades

of magical melodies melded in a chorus of chromatic cantatas.

To mesmerize

with a myriad of mosaic monotones and delicious deliverance Is her forte.

Sweet inspirations burn slowly, rhythmically, methodically…

Each note sizzling, enchanting, enticing… A musical seductress

Her charm

a flirtatious intoxicant

Igniting each beat, each rhythm, each chord. She performs her heart’s desire

In a fusion of cool jazz.

Thank you for reading.



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