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Joanne’s Photo Writing Challenge #21

What Bugs You?

Hercules Beetle

Named after the Greek God Hercules, these beetles use their horns to fight over females. They are claw like and grab their opponents, lift them in the air and slam them on the ground resulting in death.

Welcome to week 21 of Joanne’s Photo Writing Challenge.

Its been a crazy week and I’ve found myself “bugged” by many things. We all go through days when something bugs or annoys us. So, I want to know what bugs you. It could be people, places or things. Whatever it is, vent your frustrations here. What bugs you?

Write a story, poem, essay, or whatever you like for this prompt describing something that annoys you.

Give this prompt a mention in your post and tag me so I can read, clap and comment. Joanne Olivieri (jodapoet)

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