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Just Breathe by Ann Christine Tabaka Book Review by Joanne Olivieri

Poetry Book Review

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It is the mark of an exceptional poet who can pen a micro poem, using as little words as possible to convey an inspirational message that will leave you in deep thought and contemplation. Christine Tabaka has accomplished this in 115 pages of poetic eloquence. Her words are truth as in Winter…/I am cold without you/but I am ice with you/abandonment.

She experiences life, love and loss with a heart of compassion and an intuitive mind as in, in the darkest corners/of the mind/hide visions that/ fear the light.

Another favorite of mine is I am too old/to be your plaything/exit my aging body/to enter my eternal mind/ wisdom.

Christine tackles the dark and light sides of life in an extraordinary poetic style. This is the type of book you want to carry with you each day to read the affirmation poems which will inspire your daily life. This is a must read poetic journey for everyone.

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