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Love At First Sip

A Poem

Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels


I breathe
the floral essence
of your luscious earth tones.
A full bodied intoxicant
lavished with a hint of spice.

My tongue anticipates
the eloquence of your
private reserve.
Your passion fruit
tauntingly lubricates my lips enticing, yet smooth,
ripe in sumptuous flavor.

I sip, slowly savoring
your lush aromatic overtones
teasing my palate
with unbridled pleasure.

Your rich sweetness
inhabits my mouth
with sensual exploration.

I drink your passion
to completion.

A few years ago I went to a concert gathering at Cafe Trieste in Sausalito to see my friends who were performing there. I have always loved red wine and decided to try a new Pinot Noir. It was a new Pinot they had in stock in the Angeline family of wines.

  • It was “love at first sip.“ I came home and wrote this ode to my new love.

Thank you for reading.



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