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Love Yourself Today — Because Tomorrow Will Be a Test

In response to Monthly Theme For February — Self-Love. Self-Care.

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

Feet up,
The candles are lit.
That slice of cake,
With music to soothe the senses.

Phone switched off,
Just me and my emotions.
A good cry,
Cleansing my soul’s demons.

A warm shower,
A soft towel to hug my skin.
A fresh pair of pyjamas,
And a good book to dive in.

The agenda is set,
Just me and my amazing self.
Celebrating the cheesiest month of the year,
With cheese pizza and the wine glass filled to the brim.

What else can one ask for,
When you can care for yourself.
Why drown yourself in agony,
When the sun will rise, and the misery will end.

Let’s use the day of love,
To unwind and rest.
As life will do a fantastic job,
To keep us busy tomorrow with hurdles and tests.

Thank you Ravyne Hawke for this self care prompt.

It did a wonderful job of reminding me to use the month of love to unwind and be better prepared to face life’s challenges ahead.

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Thanks so much for your time!



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