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Mid-Week Randomness #1

Keeping writers on their toes!

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Around here at PW, we like to keep our writers engaged. So every so often, I will post a random mid-week prompt to break up the monotony of just writing poetry or fiction for five days. You can still use the prompt for poetry or fiction if that’s your flavor! But, if you’ve always been a vodka drinker, try some gin… that’s all I’m saying.

Random Prompt

Everything is local. Choose a topic that is being discussed locally on your favorite news channel, newspaper headline, or online paper. This could be in your town, city, region or state. Write an opinion piece (Op-Ed) on the topic. Yes, you may rant, just keep the profanity to a minimum. Satire and/or Humor is encouraged.

Word Length — up to 1000 words
Restrictions — Step out of your shoes and into the shoes of the opposing point of view. Write the story from the other side’s perspective.

‘Restrictions’ are to challenge you as a writer. However, with everything else here at PW, use these prompts in any way that allows the creative juices to flow.

Write promptly and enjoy! And don’t forget about the Monthly Theme!

Ravyne Hawke, Editor



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