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Mushroom Meet-Cute

Micro-Madness 3: Mushrooms

Dr. Casey Lawrence
Promptly Written
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2 min readMar 23, 2022


Photo by Igor Yemelianov on Unsplash

Xixi powdered her nose with a puff, dotting her cheeks with silky spots of dandelion milk. This, she knew, was the absolute height of faerie fashion.

As she fluttered from flower to flower, Xixi kept her eyes peeled for friend or foe. Drinking a drop of dew from a buttercup, she sighed with satisfaction and then tumbled to a toadstool, its cushiony cap the perfect place to rest her wings.


With a start, Xixi peeked underneath the mushroom.

Upon seeing Xixi’s face, a faerie, beaming, bowed.

“Your beauty has bewitched me!” she said. “Stay as long as you like!”

Thank you to Promptly Written editor Ravyne Hawke for this delicious mid-week “Micro Madness,” which asks us to write a piece of micro-fiction (100 words) based on the prompt “mushrooms.” I hope I have done it justice, despite going off-theme and not being foody enough for Joanne Olivieri’s Delicious Delights.

I was also inspired by the TikTok audio which goes, “Stop telling me that my white frekcles don’t look ‘realistic.’ I’m not tryin’ to look realistic, Karen, I’m tryin’ to look like a mushroom so I can attract myself a cute fairy girlfriend!”

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Promptly Written

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