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The brutes are not mute channel- Crime Files

News capsule-7

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

Hello and Welcome.

After a brutal rock paper scissors showdown with the crime officer, Tom managed to unearth the four prime suspects in the string of car thefts that left the city in a blizzard of anger.

With Hooter’s help, we rule them out,

  1. Member of a local car club-No, already in the spotlight as self-proclaimed dictator of narcissist rules.
  2. Bartender- No, as credit cards are easily accessible.
  3. Former cop-No, thefts are strenuous and cheap, cash and codes are easier.
  4. Recently paroled inmate- Yes, currently homeless, and the prison provided a balanced diet and nourishment.

Stay Tuned!

Thank you Christine Graves for this weekly prompt. Hope I did justice. Open to all suggestions!

Thank you Ravyne Hawke and Joanne Olivieri for this publishing chance.

Weekly Prompts Jan. 15–21, 2022. Your weekly dose of writing prompts | by Christine Graves | Promptly Written | Jan, 2022 | Medium



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