Prompt Yourself: Weekly Prompts April 15– April 21, 2024

Prompts to tempt your muses

Bella Smith ⭐
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6 min readApr 14, 2024


Flower Stem in Female Hands
Photo by Vika Kirillova on Pexels

Welcome to the 68th week of Weekly Prompts here at PW!

I couldn’t come up with a topic for this week until I came across Benighted 's poem "On The Carpet". And it gave me an idea. Thanks B. I owe you one😁

Sometimes, the darkest corners of our own experience can unlock intense feelings like desire, the pain of vulnerability, and a little optimism we all possess.

So this week, let’s talk about the deep waters. Let’s uncover those emotions we frequently conceal, even from ourselves, and discover any surprising changes that may arise. ❤❤

Before we get started, here are a couple of quick reminders:

How This Works

  1. Use these prompts to write poetry, fiction, an essay, creative non-fiction, or an article. They are totally open to interpretation! Include a link to the prompt at the bottom of your post.
  2. If you use one of these prompts, you can submit the result here at PW, to any publication that accepts prompts from other publications, or self-publish. If you submit somewhere besides PW, make sure to