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Reimagining Sacred Texts and Their Messages

Promptly Written spiritual prompt for the week of March 13th through March 19th

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The Prompt:

Based upon your own life experiences, reimagine, rewrite, reinterpret, or, so I don’t leave anyone out, defend, any story from any religious text. Even an atheist can participate but I ask that rather than proselytizing…




Promptly Written is the place to find prompts for all your writing needs. Daily, weekly and monthly prompts will be made available. Snag only the ones you like. Write whenever, wherever the mood strikes you. Please credit Promptly Written in your story.

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Marcus aka Gregory Maidman

Marcus aka Gregory Maidman

Living 17,043rd human life. I am Marcus (universal name) or you may call me Greg; a deep thinker; an explorer of ideas and the mind.

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