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The Enlightened One

An Essay

Photo by Author Joanne Olivieri

Photo above: “China — The Buddhist deity Simhavaktra Dakini — The Enlightened One

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is divided into seven geographic regions: South Asia; the Persian World and West Asia; Southeast Asia; the Himalayas and the Tibetan Buddhist World; China; Korea; and Japan. Winding through all the galleries are three major themes: the development of Buddhism; trade and cultural exchange; and local beliefs and practices.

This particular museum is one of my favorites within San Francisco. It has been a while since I visited so I thought I would take advantage of their free day, visit a friend and check out the museum. I have always loved Asian art and being able to see the diverse collections within this museum is a real treat.

Thank you to Christine Graves for the Word a Day prompt Enlighten and to Ravyne Hawke for all you do.

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