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The Faceless

It’s a regular night until mysterious texts awaken Carter with pictures of his basement.

A row of faceless mannequins
Photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash

At 2 am the phone rang loudly and slowly vibrated its way off the nightstand. The device hit the floor. Carter rolled over and sighed in frustration. Never any peace for the wicked or FBI agents on hiatus. The mobile silenced itself on the carpet, he leaned over the edge of the bed and harshly…




Promptly Written is the place to find prompts for all your writing needs. Daily, weekly and monthly prompts will be made available. Snag only the ones you like. Write whenever, wherever the mood strikes you. Please credit Promptly Written in your story.

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Tas (they/them)

Tas (they/them)

We are autistic members of the disability community and hold various mental health diagnoses. We are advocates for social justice, writers and scholars of life.

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