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The Girl On The Train: Slow And Suspenseful

A wretched story of narcissistic manipulation

By Gage Skidmore — Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Emily Blunt is a star. Not only is she an excellent actress but a versatile one. She virtually shines in every role she takes on. She’s been a grieving mama bear protecting her brood against carnivorous aliens in A Quiet Place; a high-flying corporate fashionista in The Devil Wears Prada; a happy-go-lucky…




Promptly Written is the place to find prompts for all your writing needs. Daily, weekly and monthly prompts will be made available. Snag only the ones you like. Write whenever, wherever the mood strikes you. Please credit Promptly Written in your story.

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Student of Life. Lover of Poetry & Movies. Author of a cookbook&Poetry collection.

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