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The Greatest Gift One Can Give


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I wrote this with the intention of reading it at my wife’s memorial which never took place because of COVID. So now I share it with the world.

Nearly a half-century ago I met a girl who took me by the hand and shared with me a most amazing journey. A journey that will continue throughout eternity. She has been my muse and inspiration for anything and everything I accomplished in this life.

I sat down to write her greatest attributes. I think those of you who knew my wife well would agree. So here they are in no order. Sweet, sassy, sexy, fun, friendly, kind, encouraging, artistic, crazy, a fierce defender, an understanding counselor, forgiving, and most importantly, loving.

I had a vision just last night of the two of us hanging out in one of the higher planes and me getting the stupid idea that I would go play again in this physical plane and I would be back in a flash (from an eternal point of view). And her response soon after I incarnated into the physical would be here I go again having to bring him home and chasing after me to do just that. Now it is my turn to chase her. I just need to buy a ticket on the cosmic train with no destination in mind.

I have recently realized that her only real objective in this lifetime was to give the greatest gift one can. Love. I have now come to understand that in a sneaky way all my good ideas were hers first. That before her what I considered and wrote about love was an idea of love. What I have come to know, or realize what I have always known and forgotten, is that love simply is.

My spiritual partner for eternity and wife through this lifetime spent her entire adult life being a vessel for that divine love to flow through. This is the ultimate choice we as souls make. To give completely of ourselves in order to enrich the lives of others. I would go so far as to say that anyone who has spent any time with my wife would enthusiastically agree she accomplished this in spades.

As the man you have come to know I consider myself the luckiest person on this planet (sorry Lou Gehrig). The reasons for this were stated above, except for one final one. She is now preparing our new lives together and just waiting on me to make the move, a common theme between us. Like a little kid about to enter a candy store, my excitement can barely be contained.

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