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The Haunted Doll


Photo by Faruk Tokluoğlu from Pexels

It seemed like any other thrift shop you’d find in a rural community. Yet, it wasn’t.

I was on a staycation and decided to visit my friend in Sutter Creek which is a small-town community of families and farmers. It’s the type of community where everyone knows each other and their business. Being a big city gal it’s always a breath of fresh air visiting a small town.

I drove up on a Friday and planned to have brunch on Saturday morning in Old Town and do a little shopping. My friend had a few chores to take care of Saturday morning so I decided to visit the little thrift shop while my friend took care of her tasks and we would meet at the thrift shop when she was done.

The shop on the outside named Tillie’s Thrifty Trinkets was a quaint cottage with wind chimes hanging by the door and potted flowers adorning the patio area. It was cozy looking from the outside but…

I walked in and the musty scented air of antiques greeted me, as did a sales lady dressed in 19th-century attire. She nodded my way with a half-smile and said “I have some business to attend in the backroom and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I smiled and thanked her.

I began browsing and found many mid-century vintage items. Rockwell collectibles, Limoge plates, old books which is what interests me, a table of worn linens and doilies, and on a center table a large doll that looked as though it was from the Lee Middleton collection. I walked over to the doll who had an eerie aura about her and dead eyes with no smile but pouting lips. She was clothed in a flour sack dress with a floppy hat to match. I checked for markings and labels but could not find anything. Her price tag was a white little sticker, stuck to her hat that read $1600.00. I was stunned and thought I read the price incorrectly so I got my glasses out and looked again. $1600.00 it was! I looked at the doll's face and murmured to myself, “are you kidding me?” Then it happened. I heard a distinct voice reply “no, not kidding. I’m special.” I looked again at the doll's face which had completely changed, and she had a bright big smile looking right through me with dead eyes.

At that same moment, the sales lady came back out and said “okay all done, now how can I help you?”

I replied “I’ve gotta go” and I ran out of there like the Energizer bunny who had too much coffee.

I got outside and my friend was just about to walk in and I told her what happened. In a nonchalant tone, she says “oh yeah, the place is haunted. It used to be a family home years ago where the daughter who was a drug addict, killed her entire family and then died in prison while on death row” to which I replied, “and you tell me now?”

We then headed to the village coffee shop for brunch where I ordered a mimosa and told the waitress to keep them coming.

Thank you to Christine Graves for The Beginning prompt on Promptly Written and to Ravyne Hawke for all you do.

Thank you for reading.



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