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The Stars in Your Eyes

In response to weekly prompts Jan. 8–12, 2022

Photo by Bacila Vlad on Unsplash

You were wearing blue.
That was it for me,
To go weak on my knees,
And kiss you goodbye.

But then our order arrived.
And the coffee mug set in front,
Distracted me,
From the stars in your eyes.

I didn’t need much.
To know the real you,
After all,
Your eyes said it all.

I knew you loved me.
The moment you hugged me,
Since your warmth,
Travelled from my limbs to my heart.

You set my senses free.
With that perfume,
Filled with musk and citrus feel.
As your hands touched mine,
I wanted to stop time.

I guess now you know,
Why I don’t look into your eyes.
I struggle to find words,
And I hate losing when I know I am right.

But if losing means,
Getting lost in your eyes,
I am willing to succumb to defeat.
If you don’t question,
Why I didn’t choose to fight.

Thank you, Christine Graves for this thought-provoking prompt and Ravyne Hawke for Promptly Written.

Writing this poem made me realise that eyes are indeed a gateway to the soul.



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