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The superior inferiority of man

A brief story on our failure to recognize myths as reality.

Joonas kääriäinen

The mornings feel was of the darkest night, the rain droplets of the sharpest steel. This day was not meant for mere mortals or those without powers of defense.

We all read of folklore and myth of the past, but few are fortunate enough to return intact to share the experience. Especially from the beast affectionately known as the werewolf, a reality but much different from the tales you may have heard.

You see these creatures while having the intellect of humans, have never been one. Perhaps a benefit for we bear our flavor of evil and influence.

Theirs are the eyes you see reflecting at you from within the pussy willow, and cattail stalks springing from the river’s edge, and nightmares entry. While you may associate them with darkness, they are survivalists with the expertise of the kill.

They care little about your belief of being a food chain apex, for they know better about the company of bear and other competitors. They seek solitude but run from no one, and if you are foolish enough to present a challenge, you will discover your rightful place as a meal.

Thus begins our tale of ignorance and disbelief, as the RV approaches full of exhausted occupants accustom to claiming whatever they wish alongside the river’s banks for a night of sleep before heading out in morning light.

Should any remain with the rising of the sun.



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