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What do you see?

Joanne’s Photo Writing Challenge #2

Photo by Author Joanne Olivieri

reflection of peace

an unconditional gift

exchanged within

two bonded souls

kindred spirits

eyes of love.

Hello all. I invite you to join me in this prompt. Write a poem, story, essay, haiku, or whatever you like in regards to the photo. The photos are all my photos unless otherwise stated. So join in and let the creativity flow.

Thank you for reading.



Promptly Written is the place to find prompts for all your writing needs. Daily prompts will be made available. Snag only the ones you like. Write whenever, wherever the mood strikes you. Please credit Promptly Written in your story.

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Joanne Olivieri

Joanne Olivieri

Published author, poet and photographer. Love birds, animals, food, art, books, music. Contact -