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When a Co-Dependent Hits Bottom

Accepting the quiet addiction of loving you more (Weekly Special Dec. 6–12)

Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

“Oh, you won’t understand! You’re a normie!” In recovery circles, a normie is someone on the outside that could never understand the world of addiction. But I have news for you. Normies understand the world of addiction from a far deeper place.




Promptly Written is the place to find prompts for all your writing needs. Daily, weekly and monthly prompts will be made available. Snag only the ones you like. Write whenever, wherever the mood strikes you. Please credit Promptly Written in your story.

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just call me jules! all my friends do! Others know me as Miz Mindful. I’m just a girl with the dream to make a mindful difference in a world of present moments

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