How To Pronounce London Attractions

London is filled with attractions which include monuments, great historical buildings, churches & cathedrals, palaces, castles & beautiful parks.

It’s small wonder that nearly 22 million tourists visit London each year to soak up the culture and see the attractions they have heard so much about first-hand.

The interesting thing about London attractions is that the pronunciations are often very different to what you would expect.

When Kate & William got married, more than a billion people around the world watched as news anchors from the USA repeatedly mispronounced the seat of the wedding reception, Buckingham Palace.

Instead of pronouncing ‘Buckingham‘ with a neutral vowel on the last syllable, they repeated pronounced it as written despite the fact that no self-respecting Londoner or resident of the UK would ever say it like that.

English has a long history & this means that many words are pronounced counter-intuitively to the way they are spelled. In London, this happens so often that even English speakers can be baffled by pronunciations.

Take Greenwich where the Royal Observatory is situated, for example. Logic would dictate that you say green:wich but this is England and without knowing it,

Of course, it’s not only English speakers who visit London, so I included all words which a non-native English speaker might struggle with, such as Borough Market which is in Southwark, another place name not pronounced as written, but rather as suh:thək

London is filled with curious anomalies like this which is why I decided to start this website. With Pronounce.London you don’t have to get it wrong or ask all the time.

You can simply refer to the site and use the phonetic spelling and audio to guide you to pronounce London Attractions and other place names.

For an interesting article on How to pronounce London Place Names, read this.

With Pronounce.London you will be able to pronounce London attractions like an insider.

Marie-Ora is also very interested in international cuisine, and has made a point of including vocabulary from the curriculum for Chef’s Colleges in her websites. She is also interested in wine and will go to the trouble of calling chateaux to verify pronunciation.

Originally published here: How To Pronounce London Attractions

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