Becoming a Proof Voter

Proof’s community will lead the frontier in the battle against untruthful content. We are building a platform which leverages the wisdom of the crowds to establish truth. In order to complete our task we are in the need of voters to help ascertain truthful from untruthful content. To learn about our task, please visit PROOFMEDIA.IO.


Help us change the world while you read articles, perform important research and vote on the truthfulness of articles. Although it has been said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” we at Proof believe “it takes a crowd to improve the world” and so we are engaging the crowd to do just that.

The Proof community comes from all walks of life, each offering their skills and knowledge gained in life to help improve the world, while making money at the same time. Our crowd is extremely important to the success of Proof, and we refer to our crowd community as Voters. Our Voters’ major task is to read and research articles they care about to vote whether the article they read is mostly true or mostly false. There is a major societal benefit and financial incentive for getting the answer correct and there is a financial disincentive for getting the answer wrong. We believe there are enormous benefits to our Voters who engage with Proof and who take their task serious.

Some benefits of becoming a Voter:

1. Work when you want

You can read articles at your own leisure and research the facts when you wish. Upon completing your research, you can vote on an article as “mostly true” or “mostly false”. Reading, researching and voting on articles can be a very rewarding full-time consulting job for you, or you may prefer a part time gig to help pass the time or to assist in making ends meet. It’s totally up to you on how you engage with Proof.

2. Make great income

The more articles you read, research and vote on, coupled with your level of investment you can decide the amount of money you can make. While not reporting to a boss, and no work time requirements you have the leisure of working in your pajamas at your place of residence or some far-off beach listening to the breaking waves as backdrop music. Take advantage of your knowledge and skills and make extra income by working with Proof.

3. Signup is easy

Provide your email at PROOFMEDIA.IO, and we will send you more detailed information about the process and our launch date. We believe the process to register will be very efficient and quick to register. Our registration process will begin in Q4 2018.

4. Making a choice for a better world

Although you are receiving income for your efforts in researching and voting on facts within articles, you are also providing an immeasurable benefit to society. You, along with the great majority of the crowd are the next generation editors of online content, helping to decipher true and false content. In addition, you will be learning and improving yourself in the process of being a Voter. You will be part of a global team that will make a positive impact on the world.

Ask yourself this simple question. Where can you have a major impact on the world while earning as much money as you like, and at the same time increasing your knowledge while working from the confines of your own home? The answer is PROOF.

To receive additional information, please submit your email at PROOFMEDIA.IO. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments as we continue to develop and build the platform.