Meet The Proof Team

One-on-one with Cole “The Intern”

Coleton (Cole) Benfatti joined our team at Proof Media for a summer internship and will continue his internship until July 3rd. Cole is a full-time student at Franklin and Marshall College, which is a liberal arts school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Although he has not yet decided his major, he is leaning towards a Business degree.

Cole accepted the internship at Proof Media, Inc. because he believes that this unique business will make an impact on a grand scale, by fighting the harmful effects of fake news. Cole believes

“the issue of fake news contributes to a major divide we see in our country today. False content is everywhere and the majority of the content that is being fed to the public is falsified; influencing people’s opinions and ruining the reputation of others”.

Proof will help eliminate fake news by creating accountability for journalists and content distributors, by incentivizing them to only distribute truthful content. Truth is so important because without it, the public can be manipulated and influenced negatively by the media.

According to Cole, the most interesting aspect about the internship so far has been the fact, that this startup did not exist a couple months ago and now has people working worldwide to help build it.

‘Proof’s fight against fake news is just incredible’.

It is exciting to be a part of this start-up team, from choosing the logo design to the competitive analysis research. This has all been an eye opening experience for me, as I now understand how much work actually goes into creating a startup company”.

During the school year, Cole spends his time on the football field as a Defensive Linemen at Franklin and Marshall and enjoys hanging out with friends and family. Yes, he too enjoys playing Fortnite and a few other all-encompassing online games that appeal to college students..

After his internship at Proof concludes, Cole will be a Camp Counselor at Solid Rock Camp for the remainder of the summer, as he has a passion for kids, leadership and moral values which are all an immense aspect of the camp.

He has enjoyed working alongside the Proof team and is looking forward to watching the positive impact that Proof will imprint on the world. He hopes to be back on his next school break.

Article originally published by Michele Leppard on Medium June 25, 2018