Meet the Proof Team: One-on-One with Piotr

One on One with Piotr Grzesik: The Developer

I was referred to Luigi, the co-founder of Proof, by a colleague of mine who thought that Proof would be a great opportunity for me. Since that introduction in the spring, I have joined the Proof team as a Full Stack Developer. I also assist with the backend infrastructure of both the Proof It Game and the Proof Platform.

I live with my girlfriend and our cat ‘Werter’ in Sosnowiec, Poland. In our spare time, we enjoy travelling across the country, looking for great food and nice views. As for great food, my favorite restaurant is Dwor Kukuczka, which itself looks like a manor house and is placed in the mountains. It’s in the middle of nowhere, so you can sit there, eat great food and look at the mountains at the same time. I also enjoy reading, lately my choice of books has been focused on technology, but I do enjoy great fantasy or crime books, as well. In the past I used to play a lot of ‘Magic: The Gathering’, which I am currently trying to start up again. I enjoy connecting with developer communities and attending meetups across the country.

I graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology, getting my master’s degree in Control Engineering and Robotics. During my time at the university, I was also working part-time as a C developer. My part time job quickly turned into a full-time job, as I began working on a variety of projects, mostly connected to e-commerce, energy trading and blockchain technologies. I had a chance to work with a myriad of technologies and programming languages, like Python, Javascript, Solidity and Go. I’m also one of the organizers of “Pykonik”, which is Python User Group based in Cracow. I have been frequently invited to speak at meetups and conferences, as well as mentor at Django Girls events.

The main reason that I was driven to Proof, is because it’s trying to solve an important issue that hasn’t been really addressed yet. A lot of websites are struggling with fighting “fake news”, but currently I don’t see any that are completely successful. I know that Proof will help solve that problem and give people access to trusted sources of real news.

We strongly believe that a maximum level of transparency is important for our users, which we believe will be addressed with RChain. Rchain will allow for much higher throughput of transactions with much lower costs.

As for the team, I really enjoy working with the them; we have a great chemistry, which really helps when we are all brainstorming on the platform build-out. I’m looking forward to meeting with the team in Berlin at the Rcon3 Conference in September.

i to by było na tyle — “and that’s a wrap”.

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