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10 Advanced Features on The Avocado Terminal

Tai Kersten
Jan 21 · 7 min read

At first glance, The can seem simple. We designed it this way. Our core development philosophy is that software should be easy to learn and, with some practice and use, extremely rewarding to master. In this post, I am going to go over some of the more advanced, hidden, and obscure functionalities on the platform. Keep in mind, we are hard at work adding more commands, exchanges, pairs, indicators, and features to the platform.

In future blogposts, we will be talking about upcoming additions to the platform including laying out our roadmap and plans for social trades, bot networks, custom commands, portfolio management and inter-exchange trading. Similarly, we are regularly expanding our datasets and improving the current platform. If you don’t see something that interests you, don’t hesitate to pop in and request a command or feature and we will do everything we can to find a way to help you achieve alpha.

We are always willing to speak with you and hear suggestions. Likewise, We are constantly on Avocado and are always more than happy to help anyone with issues or questions. Just hit us up on the Chat!

On Avocado Terminal, under the standard charting, orderbook, chatting, and sentiment features sits a myriad of deeper commands and social tools that can be used to squeeze every last bit of insight out of the crypto and traditional markets. With the help of our partners and active community, we are excited to highlight some of the more advanced features of the Avocado Terminal:

Train a Neural Network AI with Crypto Data

After downloading your set from the market view charts by clicking the ‘Export’ button on the charting page, you can upload your data into an AI bot allowing you to test trading strategies on various indicators. The neural command is also cross-compatible with Trading View datasets and any custom table data you have exported to CSV.

To access this feature just use the search bar or hotkey (‘/’) to access the command line and type: ‘neural’. Our very own Mike regularly trades on insights he gathers from utilizing the neural command which is getting smarter every day.

Compare Multiple Asset Classes with Multi-view

Sometimes one chart is not enough. Straightaway, with a FREE account on Avocado, you can open up multiple charts across a variety of cryptocurrencies and exchanges. But, did you know that Avocado also features data on common equities, indexes, and commodities?

With the Crypto world expanding rapidly, monitoring crypto alone is not enough. With our charts, you can create a side-by-side comparison between entire asset classes. Is the S&P VIX effecting the price of Ripple? What is the relationship between large-cap equities held by traditional hedgefunds and ICO’s? Are institutions actually moving into the crypto markets?

Research these questions from the comfort of your browser and compare charts, indicators, and correlations from Avocado’s multi-panel capabilities.

To view charts navigate to the ‘charting’ section on the left-side menu or press the ‘c’ key on your keyboard after logging in. Switch your views with the buttons in the top left corner of the platform.

Watch Bulls and Bears fight with LIVEFEED Realtime visualizations

We are happy to announce our partnership with the creators of AmFeed. Over the next few weeks we will be working closely to integrate AmFeed’s features into Avocado and expanding both platforms.

If you are looking to witness history as it happens, you can with Avocado by clicking on the ‘Search’ option on the leftside panel and typing ‘livefeed’. From here you can see what direction the market is going, see whether the bulls or bears are winning, and see the current prices on some of the biggest exchanges.

Keep up to Date with the World

As the old saying goes: “Money never sleeps.” And, this goes quadruple for crypto as the markets are open 24 hours a day. Utilizing the multi-panel display, you can view the time in multiple financial hubs around the world (command: ‘worldclock’), check out the regulatory conditions of a particular place (command: ‘cryptoreg <country name>’. Remember to replace spaces in the country name with ‘+’), look at on the ground visualizations and Google Maps of an area (command: ‘map’), and view the current day/night and satellite cycles of planet Earth (command: ‘satellite’).

Download Data and Visualize It

This one is for the analysts and data-geeks out there…

From the Avocado Charting section, you can download a csv of data for use off platform using the ‘Export’ button located on the top header of the charting page. However, if you want to get accustomed to the data before taking it off platform use the command: ‘staticanalysis’ to import your newly downloaded data into a visualizer where you can organize it as you wish and export data visualizations to help you understand your sets.

Track and Chat about the Latest and Greatest in the Industry

Avocado also is home to a twice-a-day analyst report wherein our team of analysts gather the top stories, emerging trends, and upcoming offerings into a quick-to-consume analyst report. When paired with Avocado’s note taking feature and live chat, The Avocado Analyst Reports are the perfect start and end to the day for getting a bird’s eye view on the latest insights.

Analyst reports can be viewed by selecting the ‘Analysis’ section on the left-side menu or pressing the ‘a’ key on your keyboard after logging in.

Network like a Pro

It often goes without saying that Crypto-trading is a social activity. Heck, the very nature of the asset class is P2P, that is, person-to-person. On Avocado Terminal, you can easily speak to others directly, in multiple public chats or create your own private trading groups with our multi-person group chat.

Just click the speech bubbles in the top right corner to get started and visit the users (hotkey: ‘u’) and institution (hotkey: ‘y’) pages in the left-side menu.

View a directory of users on the platform and begin a chat to share trading advice, set up deals, and discuss the latest news right in front of you from the sentiment page (hotkey: ‘s’).

List and Manage an Institution on Platform

So you’ve created the guts of a decentralized organization on togen and listed on AMP… what’s next?

From ICO’s to Crypto-funds to Dapp companies, Avocado is already home to hundreds of institutions building their client lists and setting up OTC trades on the platform right now. If you are looking to get into the big leagues, you can register your enterprise on Avocado and manage a team of analysts, traders, and brokers and create another funnel for professional-grade users and clients.

To check your settings, navigate to the ‘Profile’ section on the left-side panel menu (hotkey: ‘p’).

Trade with some of the biggest names in Crypto on the OTC

With Avocado’s built-in Over-the-counter system, you can create local trades and offers. Paired with the Staging System, you can quickly react, chat, bargain, and trade to market conditions without liquidity risk. If you are looking to sell or buy, Avocado is home to some of the largest brokers and Crypto-funds in the industry.

OTC can be accessed from the left-hand menu (hotkey: ‘o’).

Trade Crypto Volatility (CVIX)

Think you have a special understanding of how the market is behaving? By using the command: ‘cvix’ you can test your wisdom on a crypto volatility trading console created by our friends over at Here you can mock trade the crypto volatility index (CVIX) and see what others are voting on through the orderbook.

BONUS: View a realtime deep News Feed with classification tags

Although Avocado features a basic Sentiment view, sometimes you want to dig deeper. With the ‘news’ command, you can get deep into the news cycle and see what stories are driving the market. With its topic and time classification system, Avocado allows you to view realtime news and see beyond the headlines.

More to Come

At Proof Suite, we value community feedback and we couldn’t have built this without our supporters, partners, and friends. If you would like to get involved, come join us on discord or speak to us on the Avocado platform where you can chat with the devs, give feedback, and participate in growing the platform.

We are updating the platform with new features and improvements so stay tuned because this is just the beginning.

Avocado. Strange Name. Serious Data.

P.S. Just for fun, I have hidden the private key with an Ethereum wallet containing some Ethereum on the platform. If you find it, it’s yours.

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