How to make most of your 30 day free trial of ProofHub?

I love the whole ‘free trial usage’ concept, whether it’s for a computer antivirus software, or a project management software for your company. It’s like test driving a car to make an informed decision whether the vehicle is worth buying or not.

We at ProofHub also live by the philosophy where we allow everyone to see what our project management tool feels like for a complete 30 day period absolutely free of cost. So, they can decide for themselves whether ProofHub is a match made in heaven for them or not. Don’t forget that trial period is the one when you need to pan out the details of how to make the most of those 30 days, so no feature is left unexplored. It’s crucial that you have a roadmap to exploring ProofHub down to the very last of its functionality and feature.

How to go about it? Well, you can start by doing a little homework. Here’s how to begin -

You can begin even before enrolling for the free trial period. But before that, make a list of the areas where you would like to see ProofHub reduce the workload and make work management easier. This will allow you to draw a comparison between how things were before using the tool and after the end of the trial period. You will be able to see if the tool actually helped you in the areas where you really needed help the most.

Also, before you get into actually using the product, visit the help section on the website explaining the product in detail. That should give you a good head start. You will get the hang of interface and the whole layout of the software. YouTube videos are the perfect way to get to know the product inside out. It’s an initial evaluation of just how handy the tool is going to prove in its real time application.

After having watched the self-help videos and having done fair amount of homework, next thing you need to do is create a week-by-week layout. Be sure you have a plan ready for each week of the month before starting off with the trial.

  • First week — get to know the tool
Projects section

Use the first week of the trial period to scan the tool completely. Add a few projects. The idea is to get comfortable with the tool, the way we get comfortable with using a new phone within the first week. Have a discussion with everyone who will be part of this collaborative effort. Also, keep a notebook and write down all the queries you will go on to accumulate once you get started with it. Not just the project manager, make sure everyone participates in this process who will be using the tool.

Any doubts, questions, difficulty in navigating the tool — make a compilation of all such queries. 
Be sure that by the end of the week, each of those queries have been resolved and you have found an answer to those by either contacting the support team or by watching more product demos.

The goal of the first week should be to become a fluent ProofHub user. Or at least, you should have gained fluency in using the fundamental features of the software.

By the way, you can always contact the support team for a demo of the tool.

  • Second week — Get to know the features
Overview section

Now is the time to take baby steps and start off with a few sample projects. The project does not have to be a real one. It could be something as simple as ‘purchasing the supplies for Christmas celebration’. Or, it could also be something like ‘plans for the next potluck party’.

Add and invite people to various groups. Manage roles such as that of project manager, admin, and normal user. Assign tasks. Set time limit for each task. Define milestones. Let everyone participate in the project. Label projects on the basis of their priority. Start online discussions with people. Let everyone share their opinion. To-Dos, files sharing, group chat, all these major features should be covered during this week.

This is where you will get to know key areas like project creations, viewing pending and completed tasks, and getting an overview of multiple projects in just one look.

  • Third Week — Time tracking, reporting, and analyzing
Reports section

This is the time to delve as deep into the tool as you possibly can. Edit/change tasks, priorities. Make some modifications to experiment with the tool a little. It’s about time when you start to analyze the project progress by accessing Gantt Charts, and by pulling up the reports. Take a look at how much time it took to complete a project, and how much it would have taken otherwise in the absence of ProofHub. Analyse the progress by looking at multiple ongoing and completed projects. Do you notice a difference? Is it a positive and substantial one?

Be sure that by the end of third week, make it a point that there is not a single feature of the tool that you didn’t explore.

  • Fourth Week — Evaluating

What were the key areas that everyone found most helpful? Let everyone pool-in their views. What was the level of ease of accessing the tool? What are all different ways in which the tool helped people? Create a list. Weigh-in all the aspects. Are you better able to plan projects? See if during this time period ProofHub was able to help you across all the areas that you had in mind at the beginning of trial period.

It’s important to utilize trial period to the maximum potential. After all, those 30 days are eventually going to influence your decision of buying a paid subscription of the tool. And, it could completely change the way everyone around you works. By increasing productivity, reducing workload, and speeding things up, it will bring a paradigm shift in your working style!

So, what’s the wait? Begin with the evaluation during the 30-day free trial now!

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